belinda-resultsMark is the real deal… I would say through my experience he is the best personal trainer in Melbourne…. Maybe even the country. If you want to be the best you must train with the best.

It all started around September 2012, when I took a photo of myself in my undies and a crop top and was not happy with what I saw. I felt fat and wobbly. I was in a rut with my training, my health and my life in general. The photo made me take action and find out who my friend Chris was training with because he was getting great results. I felt I needed a trainer to get my body into shape as I was trying to help my clients do the same thing. I was a personal trainer who couldn’t find time to train. I was a hypocrite. How could I give my clients advice on weight loss when I couldn’t do it myself?

So I contacted Mark and made a time. When I started training with Mark I actually didn’t know what I wanted to achieve, I had no focus. I was full of excuses “why I couldn’t eat well, why I couldn’t train, why my business was falling apart”… You name it I had an excuse for it! It wasn’t until he started to drill into me “who do you want to be?”

Who did I want to be??… ‘I don’t know’ I said…. Well that was the key to my success with Mark. I discovered I wanted to be a leader in the fitness industry and I can clearly see now I am on the road to achieving this goal. I had a choice; I can get results and follow my dream or I can make excuses.

Mark helped me realised that it’s all in my choices. It took 3 months of training for me to realise this. When I quit with the excuses I started making serious progress.

Since January to now I have achieved so much; I have trained and prep for a photo shoot in February which gave me amazing images I am really proud of and that I can use in my business, I competed in my first fitness comp in July, the INBA All Female Classic and WON!! This let me into competing in two National Championships in October with ANB and INBA, then flying up to Gold Coast to shoot with Oxygen magazine as a fitness model. This is all in less than a year!! If it weren’t for Mark and his awesome team I wouldn’t have achieved any of it. The support and guidance has been priceless.

Belinda Carusi
Viver Fitness Group Training