How To Stop Late Night Eating and Binging

Late night eating links to early morning appetite By Mark Ottobre, owner and founder Enterprise Fitness Changing Meal 1 habits is often met with resistance. People say, “But I’m not hungry first thing in the morning!”  – I want to know: – 1) What do you mean by ‘first thing’? 2) Why aren’t you hungry? There […]

Meal Prep Inspo: Preparing a Delicious and Nutritious Meal 

A Complete Meal to Spice Up Your Meal Prep Need some inspiration with meal prepping to compliment your hard work in the gym? Sick of having brown rice, chicken breast and broccoli for days on end? Meal prepping doesn’t have to be hard, complex or boring at all; in fact, if you have some potatoes, […]

Are Hydrogenated Oils bad for you?

How Hydrogenated Oils Harm Your Health By Mark Ottobre Hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils are insidious. These oils are found in the overwhelming majority of prepackaged and fast foods, have an extended shelf life and are inexpensive to produce. However, despite their rampant use in manufacturing, these oils are harmful to our health.  Examples include; […]

Do Fat Burners Work?

A common question we get at Enterprise Fitness, Do fat burners work?  Well, it depends on what you mean by fat burners. The prepackaged supplements you buy online or from a sports supplement shop often do far more harm than good.  Unfortunately, the three most common fitness supplements are: Protein powders  Pre-workouts  Fat burners  However, […]

Online Comp Prep for Beginners | Advice from Pro Trainers

In this mini-podcast, owner and founder of Enterprise Fitness, Mark Ottobre talks to seasoned comp prep coaches Liam Fitzgerald and Marshall Tan about the most important information you need to start your comp prep online and if online prep is the best choice for you.      Over 14 years, Enterprise Fitness has trained […]

The Link Between Gut Health and Your Skin by Amelia Vitale

Gut Health Amelia Vitale Skin

Do you have persisting skin problems, tried a bunch of skin treatments and creams and nothing has worked, but haven’t looked internally at your gut health? The skin is the biggest organ in the human body and when symptoms present themselves it’s a sign that something isn’t balanced, and you require more support. When we […]

Plant-Based Protein – Quality, Quantity & Supplementation

In this video, plant-based coach Jeremy Evans and I share our opinions on the quality of meat protein vs. plant protein and dispel a few myths at the same time.  If you enjoyed that clip you’ll love the full episode, it’s called “An Adult Conversation About Going Vegan & Eating Meat” Plant-based thought leader, […]

Healing Chronic Fatigue Through The Gut: Client Case Study

chronic fatigue

Chronic Fatigue: Is it real and where does it come from? A client case study. Disclaimer: For confidentiality purposes, an alternate name is used to protect my client’s privacy. I’d like to introduce you to my client Michael Saunders, a young professional male who had ongoing symptoms of fatigue that he couldn’t shake no matter […]

Why Should You Eat Organic?


It’s no secret, I am a big advocate of organic food and farming… It has positive effects on our environment, local economies and health. But let’s start with looking at the arguments against buying organic produce and farming: Cost… It’s no more ‘nutritious’ than non-organic food Organic can’t feed the world I have found an […]

Are You Drinking Coffee Post Workout?


Athletes, if you’re reaching out for your caffeine fix after training…  PUT. THE CUP. DOWN.  Coffee is a great option as a pre-workout. It secretes cortisol into the bloodstream, and kicks your sympathetic nervous system into action, ready to fight through your session. Now, if you were to get that caffeine fix AFTER you […]