I first met Mark back it March 2012, I was a frustrated trainer, and frustrated I wasn’t getting the results I deserved. I was training hard and eating what I was taught and thought was right to get in the shape I desired, but yet I still looked average..

I didn’t want to look average; I really wanted to look lean and ripped, photoshoot condition all year round, to be and example for all my clients. I remember the very first day I met Mark, it was a little humbling in the sense, I had been in the industry for 5 years and was not able to perform a basic split squat, it was so painful I wanted to punch him numerous times, not to mention feeling very vulnerable.

Mark said to me a few months down the track, he knew from day 1, I would either leave and never be heard from again in two weeks, or I would become one of his best clients. Well I’m truly glad it was the second option, I have been where all of my clients have started out and I know exactly how they feel, therefore I am better equipped to help people get results as and experienced trainer.
I thank Mark for all the lessons I have learnt and continue to learn, his thinking and ‘way of life’ teachings have changed the way I live my life for the better.

Chris Churchward