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I started at Enterprise Fitness after two years of “training” at my gym. I had never been a very fit kid growing up, ate whatever I wanted and was skinny-fat. My training for the first year had mostly been classes at the gym (i.e. Zumba, Les Mills, etc..) and I eventually got a personal trainer who introduced me to weight training.

I saw phenomenal growth over the first year and a half and became a healthier person, eating healthier foods, exercising and lifting weights more regularly. Health and fitness became a huge part of my life. Then I set myself the goal to compete! Unfortunately, my progress soon flat lined and I became obsessed with calorie counting.

I measured everything to the gram and logged everything that I ate. I couldn’t concentrate in class because I’d be constantly watching the clock to see when I could eat next. I would eat as slow as I could so that the meal would last longer and when Winter came, that was when it really took its toll. Did you know that your body burns calories to keep you warm? Well I found out the hard way. When the temperature dropped below 20 degrees, walking from class to class exhausted me to the point where I just wanted to sit down and cry myself to sleep because I was so tired, moody and malnourished.

I was lucky enough to realise that what I was doing to my body wasn’t good, so I stopped. When I did, I went through phases of excessive binge eating and then periods of undereating, I felt so guilty. I gave myself 4 weeks to repair myself mentally and physically. I ate what I wanted (choosing healthy foods of course) and would eat as much as I felt like I needed. Over time, my body refed itself, I adapted and I slowly was able to eat normally again, but there was always two opposing voices in the back of my mind, one that told me that I was eating too much and the other that told me that the opposite. Not to mention I would wake up every morning to see my body getting fatter – It was a psychological challenge that I battled everyday, a battle that I had to fight alone.

After 2 months, I finally felt ready to start again and that’s where Enterprise came into my life.

Despite this whole previous traumatic experience, I still wanted to compete. So I called Jaz, and the next day I was in Richmond signing all the forms and handing Anna my money. I was ready to start again, but this time I was going to do it right!

Fast track to a few months later when I stepped on stage after dropping from 20% body fat to 14% over the course of 8 weeks thanks to the expert programming and hours of dedication from my coach, Nathan. I walked on stage at the INBA Rookie Show feeling like the healthiest, happiest version of myself ever… or so I thought.

Elizabeth Duong Enterprise Fitness

Concurrent to competing I was also a university student… with not a lot of money. I had to borrow money off my boyfriend in order to pay for my training, food and supplements and worked long hours to pay back all my debts (which I did in the end).

When my 12 week package ended I wanted more than anything to return to Enterprise and worked my ass off to the point where I was so sleep deprived that I crashed my car whilst exiting a freeway on my way to work because I had fallen asleep behind the wheel. I was lucky to be alive but my car wasn’t so lucky…

Not long after the accident I got a Facebook message from Mark. He told me what there was a job position available at Enterprise. He needed someone to look after the Enterprise social media i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Enterprise blog, etc… and he thought that I should apply for the job.

This was perfect. I started working on my application right away and the day after I sent in my application Mark told me I had got the job! It was so surreal. It had come at a time that I needed it the most – it was almost too good to be true! The next week I was back at Enterprise and that was that! It was like all my Christmas’ had come at once! Enterprise Fitness was not only my gym but also my office – I couldn’t believe it!

I realise now that I hadn’t been dreaming. I’ve been awake all this time. This is my life now.

And so I continued to train to get on the stage once more for the INBA All Female Classic, but this time something was different… My training intensity near tripled. I suddenly had the energy and motivation to put 150% into every workout, twice a day, 5 times a week, plus cardio towards the last few weeks of my prep.

Comp Prep Coach

Why? I had been asked this question a few times.
“I noticed that your training intensity has increased recently? Why’s that?” asks Dan. Well Dan, when the great Mark Ottobre hired me to become a part of the Enterprise Fitness family, suddenly I was surrounded by people who inspired me every single day.

Carla who taught me that little girls can lift heavy things, Sarah and Kirstin who taught me that you can ALWAYS find the time for your goals no matter how busy you are, Reece who taught me to push harder as if the weights are heavier than they actually are, Jaz and Teagan who taught me the true meaning of commitment and no bullshit excuses, Janet who taught me to give every rep of every set of every workout my all because the little things add up and get you closer to your goals and of course the entire team at Enterprise Fitness AND your super awesome clients who create a truly unique environment for me to train!

Comp Prep Coach

I was lucky enough to be exposed to this EVERY single day and it changed me – how could it possibly not.

But you know what surprises me most?
I wasn’t starved, depleted or sleep deprived.
I had time to balance my study, work, family and friends.
I wasn’t constantly moody or obsessed with food.
I didn’t go crazy.

I became a healthy person, who eats healthy foods, that nourish and fuel my body. I hadn’t noticed but over those 6 months training with Enterprise I had fully healed my body’s obsession with food. Why? Because I was lucky enough to have a trainer who knew his shit. I have been training with Nathan for about 6 months now and together we were able to fine tune my nutrition so that I was full enough to keep sane and hungry enough to keep getting leaner – it’s called balance bitch!

Comp Prep Coach

Where I am right now – I am the healthiest, happiest version of myself to date! And it seems as if I will be repeating this statement for many more dates to come!

Thank you Mark and Enterprise Fitness for quite literally changing my life – and for also helping me discover the God-sent gift to mankind that is, coffee.

My name is Liz.
I like to lift weights.
I also like cats.
I take photos, make videos and manage all things marketing for Enterprise Fitness.
And I love my job.

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