Through school, I grew up as the tall, skinny and lanky kid and was focused on my basketball career. I eventually got over this reputation and the teasing that was associated with it so I started lifting weights at home with my dads gym set.

I instantly starting seeing results and with that, I was hooked. Weight training improved my athletic performance dramatically and ever since then it has been a huge part of my life and career in basketball. I was known for training in the gym more than any of my teammates. During my teens I gained some size and as a result my confidence grew in basketball and in life. I eventually shifted my focus from basketball to just weight training. I believe going to the gym and pushing yourself everyday to your absolute limits relates directly to my approach to life and I’m able to apply this mentality to everything that I do.


Weight training has had a phenomenal impact on my life in every way. Training has always been a part of my life, however I only began focusing on nutrition when my mum fought cancer. I saw first hand how much food can truly heal or destroy the body. Since then I have been researching nutrition constantly.

Initially I had some results with applying my new found knowledge, but then I plateaued. Once I came to Enterprise and started training with Reece, doing everything properly, it opened up a new world.

Through following a proper training and nutrition program, I instantly felt better, got leaner, had more energy and built muscle much faster than ever before. It’s given me so much clarity, knowledge and I feel confident that I can reach all my goals with hard work and discipline, knowing I’m not wasting energy guessing.

The people at Enterprise make it feel like home. More importantly, being able to make a difference in my clients lives everyday, even if its in a small way is rewarding. I’m able to do this while being in an environment where I am learning and pushing myself to new limits continually.