About Reece

Reece Adams is a Master Coach at Enterprise Fitness.

Regarded as a top trainer of the Australian health and fitness industry, Reece specializes in training the female figure competitor and high-performance athletes. Passionate in practice, he is committed to seeing his clients succeed and has coached numerous females to champion the natural bodybuilding stage, as well as both male and female strength and endurance athletes to be at the top of their game.

In 2015, Reece won the IFBB Physique championships in an extremely competitive line-up. Prepping for his own comp has given Reece valuable insight into coaching and training high-level competitors.

Personable in nature, Reece works closely alongside clients to bring out their best. A self-professed people person, personal training fits Reece like a tailor-made glove.

Having traveled nationally and internationally to learn from industry leaders, he has extensive knowledge and real-world practical experience.

He is a qualified personal trainer and certified strength and conditioning coach with the ASCA, as well as an experienced BioSignature and BioPrint practitioner. As a client of Reece, you are investing in a next-level service, founded on proven methods and knowledge.With over a decade experience in the health and fitness industry, Reece admits he has seen fads, diets and overhyped techniques come and go. As a senior trainer of Enterprise Fitness, he cuts through the nonsense to give clients results in-almost-lightning-fast time frames.

In his own training, he is disciplined and has a fighting spirit. Having overcome serious back injury with the help of Mark Ottobre, he is dedicated to self-progression and to be forever improving his strength and physique.

“Life is a battle fought daily in our minds and physical training is just one way to become a better and stronger person each and every day”.

Reece Adams

Client Results

Shaun Semens
Shaun (trained by Reece): “Once I met with Reece I knew that he would be able to push and help me to get on stage in March. Reece was just as committed to me as I was committed to my training and nutrition… And I walked away with TWO first place trophies!”
Rachel Edmonds
Rachel (trained by Reece): “Reece is nothing but amazing. He believed in me when I didn’t. He taught me something new every session I had with him and I found myself consistently saying ‘wow you just blew my mind‘.”
John Furfaro
John (trained by Reece): “Previously, I was focused on the destination of trying to look a certain way. But now, I’m more patient and put a lot of trust into Reece’s programming. As long as I get my training, nutrition and rest right, I know that the results will come.”
Kate Keown
Kate (trained by Reece): “I have been asked why I keep coming back to Enterprise to train with Reece… What keeps me motivated? The answer is that he makes me want to better. Strive for more. Push for more. Unlock my true potential. Not just in the gym but in my life. In every part of me.”
Jesse Wilson
Jesse (trained by Reece): “Reece was the perfect coach to work with. He was extremely knowledgeable, responsive, and he genuinely cared about getting me the results I wanted. I truly believe that I was in the best hands possible to guide me to succeed in my first competition prep.”
Sarah Boland
Sarah (trained by Reece): “I have discovered so much about myself and my capabilities and I’m now in my best condition to date, thanks to Reece and the Enterprise Fitness team!”
Jules Witkamp
Jules (trained by Reece): “Reece writes my training programmes as well as nutrition plans. He knows my trouble/weak spots and we continue to work on making these stronger and leaner. It certainly is science dealing with different bodies & Reece certainly knows his stuff.”

Kirstin Bailey

Kirstine (trained by Reece) was crowned the WBFF Figure 2017 35+ World Champion (Amateur)

David Coyne
David (trained by Reece) fixed a long term shoulder injury while adding 20kg to his bench press!