shereen-oliver-resultsWhy did you come to Enterprise Fitness

I stumbled on an article written by Mark Ottobre “6 Things You Must Know Before Stepping on Stage” and I loved the way it was written – no nonsense, straight to the point, no grey areas. I did some more research and thought from all I had read that Mark’s no nonsense and honest approach was what I was after.

What do you feel that you have achieved:

Of course I am extremely proud and thrilled to have placed well in all my competitions in 2013 under Mark’s guidance and coaching – 2nd Asia Pacific International Figure Novice, 5th Asia Pacific International Figure Short, 1st All Female Classic Figure International, 2nd AFC Physique Intermediate and AFC 3rd Physique Overall BUT without sounding cheesy the best for me is without a doubt the knowledge and the strength I’ve gained. I have gained so much more strength in the last 12 months under the guidance of Enterprise Fitness and so much knowledge that I’ve been able to pass on to my own clients and help them too to achieve their goals.

What have you learned:

Oh wow where do I start? There is not enough space to write what I have learnt. I have learnt so much about nutrition – so much about fuelling and nourishing my body not just for competition but for life in general, I’ve learnt about mindset, training and supplements and I’m still learning all the time. Enterprise share their knowledge to allow their clients to grow in so many ways.

What’s next for you:

I am currently training hard under Mark’s guidance following the personalised Strength, Hypertrophy and Endurance programs he writes for me and am looking forward to competing again in 2014.

Would you recommend it to your friends/people looking for this.

I would definitely recommend Enterprise Fitness to anybody looking to work on-line with a great team.

I think another very important thing is that even though I was an online client, when I came to Melbourne to compete I felt very much a part of the team and very welcomed. Mark didn’t hesitate to help me out backstage, take photos, make sure my tan was right and pump me up. The guys at Enterprise really care about their clients.


Shereen Oliver

Personal Trainer and Gym Owner