I was probably at the lowest of lows in my entire life when I went to see Mark about getting fit and training. I laughed a little when I first met him as he was more keen than I was too get myself fit, and from this I knew Mark wouldn’t lie to me and he’d actually look after me with his life changing program.

I was actually surprised about what Mark said to me the first time we spoke, he overloaded my brain with information such as what to eat, how often to eat, when it’s best to train, how to space out exercises, etc. Instantly in the first week I lost 4 kilos and was waking up at 5am without an alarm clock which I couldn’t believe.

Their were times were I had enough or nothing left but Mark was there to keep me going which nobody else has ever done for me. As for today, from what Mark has taught me, I will never go back to the negative habits of bad eating and no exercise as Mark has also changed my attitude towards life permanently!

Thanks Mark! You’re the Champion of Champions!