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Lost 8.2% Body Fat
With Marcus’ dedication and hard work, he continued to lose fat until he was sitting at 8% body fat! #shredded!
Lost 9.9% Body Fat
Lost 6.2 Kg
Lost 9.9% Body Fat
Lost 14.7% Body Fat


Lost 6 kilos of Fat
Unmotivated, lethargic, and having no zest for life. This is where Joseph was at the beginning of his journey with Enterprise Fitn...
Lost 40 kilos
I never thought that I could do all these training sessions and movements at the beginning
Lost 44 kilos
Lost 20 kilos


Winner of Fitness Overall


4 X Ms Australia

x3 Arnold Classic Winner

Mark’s expert guidance gave me clarity in my training and showed me the most effective supplements and nutrition for my goals. He pushed ...

Winner of Fitness Overall

Sports Model Divisions


Rookie 40+ Sports Model

This Isn’t Just Personal Training,
it’s a Life-Changing Experience.

No Matter Your Starting Point… We’ll Help You Move
From Where You Are Right Now to Where You Want to Be

You’re an overachiever. You’ve likely got a habit of setting goals and then exceeding them. And you’ve built a life that would make younger you proud. So it’s only natural to feel frustrated when the traits that help you win in your day-to-day life don’t extend to your health and fitness.

Maybe you’ve bounced from one diet to the next (Keto, Paleo, Atkins, Alkaline, the list goes on…). You might have fallen into the habit of extreme calorie deficits or fasting to the point you were running on empty. Or, maybe you did everything by the book, counted your macros, trained hard and STILL didn’t see results.

We don’t blame you for feeling burnt out, exhausted or pissed off.

No matter what you do, you’re not seeing your body change the way you hoped. As someone who constantly achieves in your
9 to 5, it’s easy to wonder if the body you want is out of reach
and maybe you’re just not meant to “have it all”.

Unfortunately, when you’re putting all the right effort in all the wrong places, no amount of hard work will get you the results you’re looking for…

Are You Experiencing Any of the Following Frustrations?

More than anything, are you looking to transform your body and finally get the results you’ve always wanted?

Changing Into Activewear Isn’t Enough…

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why you keep doing
8-week challenges? Why you throw yourself into restrictive diets? Or why you’ve done more gruelling cardio sessions, 6am workouts and leg-shaking bootcamps than you care to remember? Yet, you still haven’t achieved the long-term results you want from your training…

If results are supposed to be a direct proportion of the effort you apply, you should have the body of your dreams by now – instead of the frustration that comes from pouring your time and energy into training with hardly anything to show for it.

The truth is, results require the right diet, training AND a change in the way you think about health and fitness.

Transforming Your Body Comes Down to These Three Things…

You can walk outside, throw a rock, and hit a dozen gyms in Melbourne. So why isn’t everyone walking around with ripped abs, bulging biceps or a butt of steel?

It’s easy to sign up to an 8 week challenge or find a PT who makes bold promises (but no track record of results). The problem is, this can leave you busting your gut in the gym with little to show for it.

Most people start with great intentions but are given the wrong advice. Whether that means training incorrectly, following the wrong diet, or failing to get the right mindset, the outcome is the same – your results suffer.

After working with 1000’s of clients, we know that lasting results come down to these three things working together:

Your Training

One size doesn’t fit all.

With specifically designed plans, we take our proven formula and then tailor it to YOU.

We’ll screen you before you touch a single dumbbell or squat rack so we can understand the best way to structure your training and get you results you never thought possible.

Your Diet

Lean, healthy bodies are made in the kitchen. No amount of correct form or training intensity can outweigh a bad diet or a diet with the wrong macros.

That’s why we treat nutrition and supplements with the same care and attention as your workout routine, because when your diet is on point, results follow.

Your Mindset

Changing your mindset is the most powerful tool in your arsenal when it comes to changing your body.

Alongside training and nutrition, we shift your mindset to deliver lasting change with a proven process that’s got thousands of before and afters to show it works.

At Enterprise, we’ve made a science out of combining your training, diet and mindset so that every time you step through our doors, you’re finally putting all the right effort in all the right places.

If you’re looking for a proven, consistent way to train and a complete overhaul of your health and fitness inside and out, you’re one risk-free visit away from finding it.

Head Turning and Jaw Dropping Results

At Enterprise Fitness, Results Aren’t Just Achievable…
They’re Sustainable

At Enterprise Fitness, we have a track record for delivering incredible results that don’t just look great in the short-term – but stay with you for months and then years. But our ‘Before’ and ‘After’ success stories aren’t because everyone we train is a genetic freak. It’s because we make health and fitness a part of your lifestyle so you’re not just chasing numbers on a scale or PB’s on a machine.

Having trained countless bodybuilders, fitness models, Commonwealth and Olympic athletes, as well as everyday Janes and Joes, we know how to get sustainable results in the most effective and efficient time frame possible. At Enterprise Fitness, you’ll be guided step-by-step through your training, nutrition and supplementation and experience an entirely new way of training that you’ve never experienced before.

You’re Not Joining a Gym. You’re Becoming Part of a Team Invested in Your Success

Plenty of clients come to us having been gym members elsewhere or worked with a PT before (maybe you have too). And if you’re like most people, it’s easy to feel like you’re a faceless member or another name on a training schedule.

At Enterprise Fitness, we’re here to help you join a community of high achievers and change your health and fitness habits for good. That’s why our trainers work as a team to help you get the most out of every session. From greeting you like the rockstar you are on arrival, to the constant guidance from all PTs (not just your own), and being made to feel like your results matter to every single one of us (because they do!), we’re all on this fitness journey with you.

Plus, our PTs get promoted when their clients enjoy sustainable results and kick-ass body improvements, so they’re even more motivated to see you succeed (#HealthyCompetition).

Our Secret Weapon to Training Champions…

… is to treat you like one from the start. From how we approach your training, the accuracy of your form, the importance of answering every question (no matter how minor) and every other 1%’er in between, we act like your body transformation goals are only a matter of time. Because they are.

At Enterprise Fitness, our secret weapon is how much our coaches believe in our clients. We want you to see yourself as someone who can win, inside and out of the gym, and achieve your goals. And when we believe it, you believe it. It’s like magic. Not really, it’s called the Pygmalion effect.

When we adopt that belief for you and treat you like a champion in-waiting, then we’re able to get you results that you never thought possible.

Who We Train

Our domain was built for those who love training and those
who want to change their lives from beginners to elite individuals.

This might sound like we train everybody; we don’t. We train the ‘serious’. Those serious about training and the ones serious about making a change. From gym veterans to complete novices that have never stepped inside a gym, all our clients share one common element – they’re empowered to be the architects of their own change and are prepared to do the work.

The way we work is to take care of everything for you from the inside, out.

Nutrition, training, supplements and mindset. You’re coming to a personal trainer because you need an expert (and life’s too short to work with amateurs). We’ll assess you, speak to you about your lifestyle, nutrition and goals, and screen you so that we understand the best way to structure your training.

We monitor your progress with regular BioSignature tests and assessments, and progress your training with specifically designed plans. And, at the end of your first program, you’ll wonder how you ever did it before us.

This isn’t just personal training or fitness;
we will teach you how to achieve excellence.

Our Promise to You…

Take The Next Step

Leave your details, keep the phone charged, and answer that phone when we get in touch.

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These High-Achievers Were Once in Your Exact Shoes

“I’m Extremely Grateful For Finding Enterprise… It’s Like A Family Here”

When I visited Enterprise, I was asked about my goals, my past experience, what I wanted to change… Looking at the Wall of Fame, I told them I had no desire to compete. And I was reassured that I didn’t have to.

Personally, after that first consultation, I truly believe that the people at Enterprise genuinely care about my health in more than one way… (read more)

Enterprise Member, Helen Du

“I’ve Gotten More Value From These 6 Weeks Than In The Past 5 Years”

Just from watching Mark’s videos, I’ve started to look at things from a different perspective, and it has helped me improve as a person in my everyday life.

I was so impressed by the knowledge that Mark and Enterprise had to offer that I started putting out recommendations for Enterprise – even before I started training here… (read more)

Enterprise Member, Richard Fimmano

“Vince was time poor, that’s why he needed the right advice!”

Vince came to Enterprise Fitness because he wanted to get serious about training and have the body to show for it. Vince was also no stranger to the gym and has been training his whole life.

By far, the biggest challenge for Vince was time… (read more)

Enterprise Member, Vince

“She lost 20 kilos — changed her body, then competed!”

Holly came to Enterprise Fitness as a blank canvas wanting to eventually compete, despite having no prior experience in lifting weights of any kind.

Working with our team, she started off with training that included progressive overload to increase strength and muscle mass. Her nutrition was simple and suited to meet the demands of her training, being a wholefood-based diet in a caloric deficit that stimulated fat loss. We then selected the competition division that suited her best, She lost 20 kilos and dropped 14% body fat. Read more about her transformation here.

Enterprise Member, Holly

“Numbers don’t Reflect Body Composition”

Before photo: 63.5kg (of which 57kg measured as lean mass) After photo: 61.5kg (of which 58.1kg measured as lean mass). That’s a small change of 2kg in weight, 4.8% body fat loss, and a lean mass increase of just 1.1kg. In the before photo, Carol was running ridiculous miles a week, eating way too little for her energy expenditure, and her body was screaming for a rest. But, her mindset was ‘cardio = fat burn’’. See what Carol has to say about training with Enterprise Fitness here.

Enterprise Member, Carol

“The Secret to BEING a Healthier You”

Every time I write one of these posts, I rarely ever mention my nutrition or training programs… much to the dismay of my trainer who invests so much time into both.

This time though I’ve been asked to write a bit about my experience training with coach, Mark Ottobre, who also happens to be some big shot gym owner and trainer of a Commonwealth gold medallist and WBFF Bikini Pros, but whatever not a big deal… (read more)

Enterprise Member, Liz Duong

Our Enterprise Culture Codes

More than a private training space or a gym with walls full of qualifications and awards, we’re a studio built on the following values:


Hear From Others Feeling Strong & Taking Control of Their Health

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Pro Athletes Who Train WITH Enterprise

Janet Kane

4x Ms. Australia

Anna McManamey


Lucinda Keily

WBFF Pro Bikini Competitor

Fred Tukes

Australian Welterweight

Andrew Moloney

Commonwealth Games Gold
Medalistand WBA World

Jason Moloney

Professional Boxer

Harry Garside

Commonwealth Games Gold MedalistOlympic Bronze Medalist

Damien Wood


Ready to transform your body and change your life?

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