Helen Lost 40 Kilos And Changed Her Life Forever

For the past 2 years, I was in and out of the hospital more times than I can remember.

Most of the time, it was due to an infection that started out as a minor scrape. But it would soon get swollen and pussy, and the doctors had to give me antibiotic injections because normal antibiotics tablets just ‘weren’t effective enough’.

Apart from that, I would often get down with a cold, flu or fever for nearly a week whenever the weather changes (which is annoying since Melbourne’s weather fluctuates all the time).

The doctors said that it was because my immune system was ‘weaker than normal’.


Helen Transformation

Helen's Transformation

But I’d had enough of hospitals. Something had to change. I wanted to lead a healthier lifestyle; I just didn’t know how… until a friend of mine suggested that I look for a personal trainer.

So I searched for Melbourne’s best personal trainers on Google and the first that came up was Enterprise Fitness.

Of course, I also visited a couple other gyms to compare – just to be sure.

But those visits were confusing, tensed… and most of all, brief.

It didn’t take me long to figure out that these gyms just wanted to sign me on for the money. I still remember asking if they offered any guidance for complete newbies, and the only thing they told me was to come in for a first trial session and then we can ‘decide from there’. When I asked if they covered nutrition and lifestyle assessments and advice, they said, “we’ll‘talk about that later”.

In stark contrast, when I visited Enterprise, I was asked about my goals, my past experience, what I wanted to change… Looking at the Wall of Fame, I told them I had no desire to compete. And I was reassured that I didn’t have to.

They showed me the nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle assessments and guidance that I would be given, which even includes functional health services. And these are all on top of the one-on-one personal training sessions at Enterprise!

Personally, after that first consultation at Enterprise and attending an introductory session with my coach, Tyler, I truly believe that the people at Enterprise genuinely care about my health in more than one way.

I signed up immediately, and I’ve never looked back since then.

As a beginner in the gym, Enterprise has shown so much patience and support. And for that, I am extremely grateful.

At first, I thought that it was going to be scary but Mark was very friendly. I call him ‘the boss’, but he’s nothing like a boss. In fact, he’s kind of like a big brother to the whole Enterprise family.

Tyler is also very patient. I was worried that the training would be super hard, but Tyler reassured me that we would start simple – by first paying more attention to my diet and lifestyle.

For example, I never ate breakfast, because I have to rush to work every morning and I just couldn’t be bothered. But after being told the importance of breakfast and how it relates to my metabolism, I agreed to it. We decided on eggs for breakfast – something fast and easy that I can stick to.

Tyler is very understanding and we always manage to find a way around my working schedule and food preferences.

Every session, Tyler would check on my food log and sleep quality. He’s very thorough and asks about my meal timings, what I eat, when I go to bed, if I wake up in the middle of the night and how frequently that happens etc. He would then adjust my food plan, supplements and lifestyle accordingly so that I can get better results.

I’m learning something new in every session that I have at Enterprise.

Tyler has told me a lot of things that I either didn’t know or I didn’t care.

To put it simply, I trust him a lot more than I trust myself.

And because of that, whatever he says, I do. Which is really saying something because I’m normally quite stubborn (even with my parents, sorry mom and dad :P)

Under his recommendation, I went to see a physiotherapist for my sore shoulders and neck – something that I’ve been putting off for 3 months. And in just under 2 months after joining Enterprise, I was told by the physiotherapist that I could stop my treatment sessions as my posture has greatly improved!

In our training sessions, whenever I get confused with certain movements or repeat the same mistake, Tyler never gets angry or annoyed. He patiently corrects my technique and makes sure that I perform each exercise correctly.

Tyler always provides positive reinforcement for me to push myself and challenge myself to new levels during our training sessions. I never thought that I could do all these training sessions and movements at the beginning. I still remember Tyler telling me, ‘When you feel like you cannot do it, start counting from one again. I want you to tell yourself in your mind: you can do it. It’s all about your mind.’

Thanks to Tyler who always supports me and gets my back so that I do not give up so easily..

Thanks to Mark who has created such a welcoming environment so that I don’t feel like going to the gym is a scary thing.

I’m extremely grateful for finding Enterprise.


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