June Committed To Giving Her Absolute Best – and WON!

Following my photo shoot in October 2016, I wondered (again) about doing a Competition.  I felt it was beyond me because (a) I was over 50 and (b) only girls that looked like models would enter these competitions. But what about just doing it for the experience I wondered? I didn’t want to regret not […]

Here’s What You Need To Know About Gluten

> Are you going gluten-free “just because”? These days, gluten has gotten such a bad rap. In fact, if there’s a devil food, it would be gluten. But do you really know why you’re told to avoid gluten? In this video, Mark shares what’s the big deal about gluten. Swap that YouTube video meme for […]

Recap of the 2017 Victorian Titles

What an incredible weekend it was for FIVE of our beautiful Enterprise Members, with four of them stepping on stage for the very first time! Congratulations to all of our competitors for bringing their absolute best to the ICN Victorian Titles 2017! HERE ARE THE RESULTS June Bosland Long time Enterprise member, who competed for the first […]

Our Vanity Promotes The Cult Of The ‘Genius’

“Our vanity, our self-love, promotes the cult of the genius. For if we think of genius as something magical, we are not obliged to compare ourselves and find ourselves lacking … To call someone ‘divine’ means: here there is no need to compete.” – Nietzsche Do these sound like you: “You’re a natural! I love […]

Not Sure What Workout You Should Be Doing?

Enterprise3-Day Internship

Hi Mark! Is it better to do full body workouts or body part split for an aesthetic physique? Thanks for the response! – Louis Stathopoulos   In this video, Enterprise Fitness, founder and owner, Mark Ottobre, shares his thoughts about full body programs versus body part splits. Related posts How To Carb Up For A […]

Trying to Make Sense of Muscle Testing For the First Time

Diving straight into it – what is it? Some people say that muscle testing is a way to ask your body’s ‘subconscious mind’ for answers. But this doesn’t fully explain what muscle testing actually does. For a clearer explanation, it’s a non-invasive technique that tests the body’s autonomic (involuntary) nervous system and its responses to […]

5 Recommendations To Boost Your Brain Performance

Enterprise founder and owner, Mark Ottobre, shares his top recommendations  that make you sharper, focused and more alert. In this video, Mark shows his geeky side. Is he even speaking English?  Related posts  How To Carb Up For A Comp? Top 3 Foods To Include In A Healthy Diet Supplements – Do You Need Them and […]

The Hidden Poison in Your Diet

We’ve all heard of glucose, but what about fructose? Like glucose, fructose is a monosaccharide; but unlike glucose it bypasses the complex breakdown processes in our body and is directly shunted to the liver in a process called the ‘metabolic shunt’, where it is used in lipogenesis. Lipo- = lipid aka fat -genesis = make […]