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for Athletes, Competitors & Serious Gym Goers

Online personal training, nutrition plans, accountability and coaching delivered with the flexibility to train anywhere and at any time.

*Eligibility Criteria Apply

Real-World Bodies Built Online

Just because you can’t train in the studio with us, doesn’t mean you can’t train like us.

12 Weeks
- Comp Prep Program
If you’re serious about achieving your goals, then Enterprise is the place for you, as their knowledge and training will help you achieve them.
12 Weeks
- Comp Prep Program
Besides achieving the most amazing figure I’ve held to date, I’m rich with knowledge on how to have a health body and mind!
8 Weeks
- Comp Prep Program
Enterprise did all the planning, and stripped them down into simple, easy instructions that I can stick to according to my goals and lifestyle.
23 Weeks
- Comp Prep Program
I felt amazing after each training session and and my anxiety lessened. My coach assisted me with my nutrition, lifestyle, sleep and I was strengthening my discipline in every aspect of my life
12 Weeks
- Comp Prep Program
Enterprise is the shiny red Ferrari of the Melbourne PT industry.
26 Weeks
- Comp Prep Program
I won the figure overall in 6 months from starting with Enterprise Fitness
8 Weeks
- Comp Prep Program
The knowledge, guidance and experience at Enterprise helped me to not only get on stage but also walk away with two 1st place trophies!
24 Weeks
- Comp Prep Program
I can confidently say that, given the healthy approach to this competition, the 6 month prep was the most at-ease and relaxed i have felt with food and mindset my whole life.
Felicia Soria
Transform her figure
With smart training and nutrition programming, dropped 7kg, and 8.9% body fat in 6 months.

DISCLAIMER: If you live near our studio, whether it’s a 1 hour drive or means getting up at 5am, we recommend training with us – even if it’s just once a week. Why? Because there’s no substitute for the community, support, and guidance you’ll get inside our four walls. With 1000’s of body transformations, 5-star reviews, and a growing list of champions across amateur and pro shows, life-changing transformations happen at Enterprise – and being in the studio is where we want you to be. If this isn’t humanly possible, you may qualify for online training…

Have You Tried Everything to Get Results on Your Own and Nothing is Working?

If you’re like most serious gym goers, you’ve tried everything to get the results you know you’re capable of. Changing diets more often than you change your underwear, working out week after week and taking copious amounts of supplements without a clear plan.

No matter what you do, you’re just not seeing the results you want and the sad truth is that no amount of effort can get you past your plateau without the right knowledge and coaching. When local gyms, cookie-cutter programs, and restrictive diets fail you, you inevitably end up back at square one.

But you don’t have to be stuck in this cycle…

If you’re serious about unlocking your full potential and elevating your results, you need the elite guidance of PTs who know how to deliver real-world results with the flexibility of training in any gym, at any time.

You’re not just looking for meal plans or workouts anyone could find on Google. You’re looking for expert coaches with 1000’s of successful transformations and a proven method, so you can feel confident you’ll get the results you’re looking for.

Are You Experiencing Any of the Following Frustrations?

More than anything, are you looking to quit wasting time by pouring your blood, sweat and tears into training without seeing results?

*Eligibility Criteria Apply

Experience Enterprise From Anywhere

Netflix. Uber Eats. Tinder. Gym?

You can watch movies, order food, and find the love of your life online… With the right mindset and trainers, online training can work for you too.

Over the past two decades, we’ve trained over 300 first-place winners in bodybuilding, figure, bikini, and fitness competitions. But the secret to our success isn’t hidden between the four walls of our elite personal training studio – it’s in the attitudes, behaviours, and mindset we instil in our clients.

If you’re looking for next level results in your training or to showcase your full potential on stage, but there’s no possible way for you to make it into our studio, we offer an exclusive online training service tailored to your goals.

When you’re sick of sub-par results, average programs, and the frustration of knowing you could be achieving better results, our online packages let you train the Enterprise way to unlock truly great results.


Online Personal Training is NOT for Everyone…

We’re selective about who we train online, and we mean it. This isn’t some fake marketing to try and drum up interest, it’s the truth – we don’t train everyone online, especially beginners.

The truth is, online training for beginners only works if you’re happy with a calorie-restrictive diet and basic exercise programs that involve zero thought process. Put simply, you can starve yourself and follow a generic program that’s not tailored to you… and you might get short-term results.

While at Enterprise, we’re all about elite results and don’t believe in doing things by halves. That’s why we don’t accept beginners for online training.

If you’re new to training and want to get started, check out our in-person personal training packages for a 12-week program to whip your health and fitness into shape. Or, explore our Jump Start program for a 4-week taste of Enterprise with no long-term commitments.

So, why do we offer online training if we’re so strict about eligibility?

Because we know how to deliver results if our clients come to us with the right mindset. If you already have the mindset to succeed – and there’s no way for you to visit our studio – we’ll provide the programming and elite coaching you need to be successful.

That’s why our online training is only available for:

The truth is, online training is for a very select few. We’re not here to hold your hand. This is a no B.S approach to getting results by following our proven system and coaching. If you fit the bill and are willing to hold yourself accountable to implement our proven training, diet and supplementation guidance, apply now and kickstart your transformation.

*Eligibility Criteria Apply

What We Expect From You…

Over two decades, Enterprise Fitness has trained over 300 first place getters across bodybuilding, figure, bikini and fitness comps – as well as thousands of average Janes and Joes.

We understand the mental, emotional and physical
investment required to prepare for a show,
photoshoot, or even take your results to the next level,
and it’s not something we take lightly.

When we coach you online, you get all of our knowledge and expertise. In return, we expect all of you.

Online training demands that you are self-motivated and able to follow a plan. This isn’t adult baby-sitting. Our
online programs are by application only as we need to ensure that you’re at the required level to implement what we’ll teach you.

Our methods and programs have produced hundreds of award-winning, happy, and transformed clients. You could be next. Don’t leave your next prep or body
transformation to chance, train with the leaders
in online training at Enterprise Fitness.

*Eligibility Criteria Apply

Head Turning and Jaw
Dropping Results

24 Weeks
- Comp Prep Program
To be the best you have to learn from the best and my results are a testament to that.
8 Weeks
- Comp Prep Program
Do you kill it in the gym, eat healthy, but the results are just not showing? Meet Sandra. She had this EXACT issue. She trained h...
24 Weeks
- Comp Prep Program
She wanted to win, and that’s why she came to Enterprise Fitness. Lindsay first competed in 2019 and got bitten by the comp ...
24 Weeks
- Comp Prep Program
She made her first stage appearance as a Bikini Competitor
8 Weeks
- Comp Prep Program
EF allowed me to create a body that I had never dreamed of!
Narelle Hanratty
My best conditioning ever!
Enterprise Client and Figure Athlete, Narelle Hanratty, shares her competing journey. I came to Enterprise because I was looking f...
8 Weeks
- Comp Prep Program
8 Weeks
- Comp Prep Program
Al Shen
15 Weeks
- Comp Prep Program
8 Weeks
- Comp Prep Program
I cannot thank Reece and Enterprise enough for helping me make my wildest dreams come true. There is no one I would rather take these journeys with – so you’re stuck with me!
8 Weeks
- Comp Prep Program
I have NEVER eaten so much prepping for a comp, it is AWESOME as I LOVE FOOD!!!!!
15 Weeks
- Comp Prep Program
On Sunday morning of 17th September 2017, … I looked in the mirror and saw my clearly defined abs for the first time!

What’s Included in Your
Online Personal Training Package

If you’re self-motivated and able to execute a plan, our experienced coaches can work with you via Zoom and our client-only app to achieve your competition or body composition goals.

Your online training program includes:

While training on your own time, our online personal trainers will still push you towards your fitness goals and targets so you can train harder than you ever have with the full confidence you’re being guided by experts. From workout plans to nutrition, supplement programs and more, we ensure that you are
prepped and ready to succeed – whatever your goals.

*Eligibility Criteria Apply

Our Promise to You…

Take The Next Step

Leave your details, keep the phone charged, and answer that phone when we get in touch.

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These High-Achievers Were Once in Your Exact Shoes

“I’m Extremely Grateful For Finding Enterprise… It’s Like A Family Here”

When I visited Enterprise, I was asked about my goals, my past experience, what I wanted to change… Looking at the Wall of Fame, I told them I had no desire to compete. And I was reassured that I didn’t have to.

Personally, after that first consultation, I truly believe that the people at Enterprise genuinely care about my health in more than one way… (read more)

Enterprise Member, Helen Du

“I’ve Gotten More Value From These 6 Weeks Than In The Past 5 Years”

Just from watching Mark’s videos, I’ve started to look at things from a different perspective, and it has helped me improve as a person in my everyday life.

I was so impressed by the knowledge that Mark and Enterprise had to offer that I started putting out recommendations for Enterprise – even before I started training here… (read more)

Enterprise Member, Richard Fimmano

“Vince was time poor, that’s why he needed the right advice!”

Vince came to Enterprise Fitness because he wanted to get serious about training and have the body to show for it. Vince was also no stranger to the gym and has been training his whole life.

By far, the biggest challenge for Vince was time… (read more)

Enterprise Member, Vince

“She lost 20 kilos — changed her body, then competed!”

Holly came to Enterprise Fitness as a blank canvas wanting to eventually compete, despite having no prior experience in lifting weights of any kind.

Working with our team, she started off with training that included progressive overload to increase strength and muscle mass. Her nutrition was simple and suited to meet the demands of her training, being a wholefood-based diet in a caloric deficit that stimulated fat loss. We then selected the competition division that suited her best, She lost 20 kilos and dropped 14% body fat. Read more about her transformation here.

Enterprise Member, Holly

“Numbers don’t Reflect Body Composition”

Before photo: 63.5kg (of which 57kg measured as lean mass) After photo: 61.5kg (of which 58.1kg measured as lean mass). That’s a small change of 2kg in weight, 4.8% body fat loss, and a lean mass increase of just 1.1kg. In the before photo, Carol was running ridiculous miles a week, eating way too little for her energy expenditure, and her body was screaming for a rest. But, her mindset was ‘cardio = fat burn’’. See what Carol has to say about training with Enterprise Fitness here.

Enterprise Member, Carol

“The Secret to BEING a Healthier You”

Every time I write one of these posts, I rarely ever mention my nutrition or training programs… much to the dismay of my trainer who invests so much time into both.

This time though I’ve been asked to write a bit about my experience training with coach, Mark Ottobre, who also happens to be some big shot gym owner and trainer of a Commonwealth gold medallist and WBFF Bikini Pros, but whatever not a big deal… (read more)

Enterprise Member, Liz Duong

Our Enterprise Culture Codes

More than a private training space or a gym with walls full of qualifications and awards, we’re a studio built on the following values:


Hear From Others Feeling Strong & Taking Control of Their Health

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Pro Athletes with Enterprise DNA

Janet Kane

4x Ms. Australia

Anna McManamey


Lucinda Keily

WBFF Pro Bikini Competitor

Fred Tukes

Australian Welterweight

Andrew Moloney

Commonwealth Games Gold
Medalistand WBA World

Jason Moloney

Professional Boxer

Harry Garside

Commonwealth Games Gold MedalistOlympic Bronze Medalist

Damien Wood


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