karim-resultsWhy did you come to Enterprise Fitness

Being a fitness competitor I got to a point where local competition didn’t satisfy me anymore. I had a dream to compete on a world stage and test myself against the best in the world. To make this a reality I needed a world class coach that had the knowledge to provide a specific formula to get me there and i was referred to Mark Ottobre by a close friend.

What do you feel that you have achieved:

To not only reach the world stage, but also be competitive placing 7th out of a line up of 50 world-class bodies in Las Vegas was a very rewarding achievement. I learnt a lot about myself and how hard I could push. I gave it every last push and that in itself was an achievement. I also gained some great supportive friends at Enterprise. Overall I achieved everything I wanted to and more! 

What have you learned:

In the relatively short time that I have spent with Enterprise so far my knowledge in training, nutrition and understanding of the body has become far more advanced. I have also learnt some lessons about overcoming challenges that I will carry with me for years to come. I also run a Melbourne fitness studio. Before taking on new trainers, I send them to Mark’s internship to be coached. 

What’s next for you:

My focus now is building my personal brand in the fitness industry and my training studio. I’m working hard towards mastering the Australian fitness model industry and have most recently begun working with top fitness magazines. From there I plan to shift my focus to the States and the fitness industry over there. Over the next 6 months I have no direct plans to compete however there are some very appealing shows e.g FitX and WBFF Australia that I may decide to take on. 

Would you recommend it to your friends?

I would recommend Enterprise for anyone who wants a world-class service and is ready to give back what they get. Enterprise is the shiny red Ferrari of the Melbourne PT industry.

Have a great week!

Kind regards,

Karim El Barche
International Fitness Model
Owner & Director – Discovery Health & Fitness
Fitness & Lifestyle coach