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We’ve been training competitors since 2006, guided over 300 first-place winners, and coached thousands of competitors from amateur to pro. Whether you’re looking to compete for the first time or take your physique to the next level, our coaching will help you prep like a champion.

*We’ve trained over 300 first-place winners and counting

Is Competing or Getting in Photoshoot-Ready Condition on Your Bucket List?

We know you’re highly motivated to take your training to the next level. Odds are, you’re already knowledgeable on nutrition, and health and fitness is part of your DNA, but there’s a fire inside you that makes you want to achieve more.

Many people come to us because they want to test themselves against the best on stage, but they’re frustrated by their results so far. Huge calorie restrictions. Limiting diets. Over-training. These aren’t just hurting your chances of showcasing your best – they’re putting your body at risk.

For many of our clients, whether you’re looking to compete for the first time or looking to improve your results, the motivation is the same – to answer the question, “What’s the best version of me?”.

Don’t leave your comp prep to chance. Tell us what you want to achieve, and we’ll help you become the best version of yourself on and off stage.

The best decision you’ll make isn’t whether or not
you’ll compete. It’s who you choose to help you prepare.

4x Ms. Australia & 3x Ms. Olympia, Janet Kane with her coach Mark Ottobre.

See What Janet Kane Has Achieved with Enterprise

Training a 4x Miss Australia

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Ever wondered what it takes to be a four-time Ms. Australia?
Find out how we prepare Janet Kane in this exclusive behind the scenes session.

Are You Experiencing Any of the Following Frustrations?

More than anything, are you worried you’ll wake up one day and realise you missed your shot to achieve something incredible?

Enterprise Fitness:

The Leaders in Comp

We know what it takes to compete on stage (and
we’ve got 300+ first place winners to prove it).

Although we’ve got a track record of 1000’s of jaw-dropping body transformations and a wall full of award-winning bodies, our priority isn’t just to change your body… but your mindset. Getting you on stage comes second and it has to be in that order.


Because we’re not looking at this as a 16 week or 24 week contest prep.

We give you the skills, motivation, and desire to be better so that when your comp prep ends, the rest of your life begins. Whether you win or not (and plenty of our clients do), you’ll avoid blame and shame issues after your comp and continue with new attitudes and behaviours that help you continue training, competing, and winning in life

As a competitor, you can trust that our comp prep trainers will always be 100% real with you. We’ll tell you when you need to push forward and when you need to back off.

Having trained over 300 winners, we understand that competing is not for everyone. However, for those ready for the challenge, we take the headache out of prep and maximise each set and every week of dieting to help you achieve your full potential on comp day.

Training an Oxygen Cover Model and a WBFF Pro

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Enterprise Fitness Competition Prep Packages

Sprint to the finish line or take your time – we’ve got a package to suit

Our Enterprise Fitness Competition Preparation Packages vary. Generally, we start 16 weeks from the contest date. You may also start 20 or 24 weeks out for a longer prep, but as a minimum, we need to work with you for 16 weeks beforehand.

The more time we have with you for your contest preparation, the better!

Award-Winning Bodybuilding, Physique & Bikini Competition Training Customised For You

We know you want to prove to yourself just how strong, capable, and amazing you are without sacrificing yourself. Standing on stage and competing can only happen when you get your training, diet and mindset right – so that’s exactly what we do.

Taking a 360 degree view on your goals, you’ll receive a tailored prep plan that’s for you and you only. Setting you up for success in every aspect of your training, you’ll have an elite and highly sought-after competition prep team supporting everything you do.

From a first-class personal training studio to our industry-leading knowledge, you can prepare with confidence knowing you’re getting the right advice. Whether you’re a total beginner wanting to step on stage for the first time or an elite athlete looking to take out a prestigious title, our comp prep package can help you reach your goals.

Get to Know a Champion Competitor Built at Enterprise

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Comp Prep Coach For ICN, IFBB, WBFF & ANB

We take competitors on from all the main federations and have trained champions and winners across the main federations: ICN, IFBB, WBFF, NBA and ANB.

As part of our job, we will recommend the federation and division suited to your experience and body type. Getting this right can be the difference between winning and not placing. With that said, we generally recommend all new competitors begin with the ICN.

Visit our competition prep headquarters, located at 381 Swan Street, Richmond. Our comp prep coaches have got you covered, no matter the division or the federation. Having an experienced comp prep coach in your corner for your next ICN, IFBB, WBFF, NBA or ANB show will help you prepare with confidence.

Head Turning and Jaw
Dropping Results

12 Weeks
- Comp Prep Program
If you’re serious about achieving your goals, then Enterprise is the place for you, as their knowledge and training will help you achieve them.
12 Weeks
- Comp Prep Program
Besides achieving the most amazing figure I’ve held to date, I’m rich with knowledge on how to have a health body and mind!
8 Weeks
- Comp Prep Program
Enterprise did all the planning, and stripped them down into simple, easy instructions that I can stick to according to my goals and lifestyle.
23 Weeks
- Comp Prep Program
I felt amazing after each training session and and my anxiety lessened. My coach assisted me with my nutrition, lifestyle, sleep and I was strengthening my discipline in every aspect of my life
12 Weeks
- Comp Prep Program
Enterprise is the shiny red Ferrari of the Melbourne PT industry.
26 Weeks
- Comp Prep Program
I won the figure overall in 6 months from starting with Enterprise Fitness
8 Weeks
- Comp Prep Program
The knowledge, guidance and experience at Enterprise helped me to not only get on stage but also walk away with two 1st place trophies!
24 Weeks
- Comp Prep Program
I can confidently say that, given the healthy approach to this competition, the 6 month prep was the most at-ease and relaxed i have felt with food and mindset my whole life.
Felicia Soria
Transform her figure
With smart training and nutrition programming, dropped 7kg, and 8.9% body fat in 6 months.

Who We Prep For Competition

Our domain was built for those who love training and those who want to stand on stage, compete, and be recognised
for the hard work they put in.


It doesn’t matter if you’ve competed before but felt like there’s more you’re capable of, or you’re ready to take your passion for training to an elite level. What matters is that you’re serious about taking the next step and committed to the process.

The way we successfully prepare for competition is to take care of everything for you from the inside and out.

Nutrition, training, supplements and mindset. You’re coming to a comp prep coach because you need an expert to help you avoid mistakes and reinforce what you know. We’ll assess you, speak to you about your lifestyle, nutrition and goals, and screen you so that we understand the best way to structure your training.

We monitor your progress with regular skin fold tests and assessments, and progress your training with specifically designed plans. And, at the end of your first competition as an Enterprise athlete, you’ll wonder how you ever did it before us or without us.

This isn’t just about preparing for competition. It’s about changing your body and mindset so you can continue winning on and off stage in life.

Our Promise to You…

We Helped Kate Win Her Pro Card

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Learn More About Our
Comp Prep Packages

Get the right advice for your comp prep

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These Clients Went From Unsure to Stage Ready

“I Can’t Believe What I Achieved in
Just Six Short Months!”

My goal was clear and all I had to do was follow what my Enterprise coach prescribed with my exercise and nutrition – it’s a very simple and effective formula. She checked in with my regularly to make sure we were on track, and has always been supporting and encouraging… (read more)

Bikini Model, Jennifer Mackay

“I’ve Gotten More Value From These 6 Weeks Than In The Past 5 Years”

Within my first session, my Enterprise trainer turned everything I thought I was doing right on its’ head… I was unsure, but as he kept reiterating that I had to “trust the process”, so I did. No more cardio, and now rest days were built into every week… I literally thought he was crazy and that I would blow out for sure. To be honest I was quite nervous about the whole thing until I started to see results, two weeks later I was down 3% body fat and was starting to notice a change in the way I was feeling.

I had an ambition to one day take out an Open Title, but in my wildest dreams I did not think I could take out in my first comp!… (read more)

Figure Competitor, Fiona O’Connor

“I couldn’t be happier with the changes made to my body, especially after seeing comparison photos from my first competition to the most recent INBA Vic state titles.”

Being a fitness competitor I got to a point where local competition didn’t satisfy me anymore. I had a dream to compete on a world stage and test myself against the best in the world. To make this a reality I needed a world class coach that had the knowledge to provide a specific formula to get me there and i was referred to Mark Ottobre by a close friend… (read more)

Body Builder, Karim El Barche

“I Saw More Results in 5 Months than
I Ever Did in 5 Years!”

My Enterprise trainer took me through everything. Till this day, I still feel like he’s more motivated and driven about MY goals than I am. He would constantly check up on how I’m travelling with things, my nutrition, how my body is feeling and reacting to certain things. Every minor detail of my progress, he wanted to know. I literally feel like he’s slapping the bad foods out of my hand even when he’s not there. I have never met such a dedicated trainer before. He has taken my goals as if it were his own and that’s more than I could ever ask for. I felt that I was more than just a client. My trainer took pride in and responsibility for my progress, I knew I was in safe hands… (read more)

Fitness Competitor, Anton Valor

“What A Blessing This Place Has Been
To My Life!”

I have learnt so much more about nutrition than any Google site has given me and I was put on workout plan and programs that pushed me week by week. Instantly I noticed results in my body, and mentally I had so much more clarity and over all, I become happier. My Enterprise trainer was also a blessing. She was great with always checking in on me on a daily basis to see how my body was changing and how I was feeling, especially leading up to my first comp… (read more)

Bikini Model, Maria Dokolas

“I Wanted A Six Pack Since My 30s And Now, This Is Me!”

We started June’s comp prep for the stage from about 12 weeks out from show day. Our goal was to have June stage ready 2 weeks out so we could bring her food intake back up, back off training and cruise into show day… (read more)

June Bosland

Find Out What It’s Like to Train at Enterprise Fitness!

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Pro Athletes Who Train WITH Enterprise

Janet Kane

4x Ms. Australia

Anna McManamey


Lucinda Keily

WBFF Pro Bikini Competitor

Fred Tukes

Australian Welterweight

Andrew Moloney

Commonwealth Games Gold
Medalistand WBA World

Jason Moloney

Professional Boxer

Harry Garside

Commonwealth Games Gold MedalistOlympic Bronze Medalist

Damien Wood


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