Peak Week Training With Janet Kane

We spontaneously decided to film Janet’s upper body session… 5 days out from the 2017 IFBB Nationals in Sydney. Mark walks you through each movement and why he uses them. Enjoy! Related posts  June Committed To Giving Her Absolute Best – and WON! Mum Of Three Won Gold at The All Female Classic Team Enterprise […]

5 Tips To Lose Your Muffin Top

Belly fat doesn’t just affect your wardrobe choices. It affects your health as much as it affects your appearance. The myth of 100 crunches a day has already been busted. So what should you do to lose those pockets of belly fat? Here  are my top 5 tips on losing stubborn belly fat.   Related Posts  […]

7 Best Ab Exercises

Watch this video as Mark and Liam demonstrates 7 ab exercises that you can implement in your next workout! He felt his abs for a week after we filmed this. This should give you some new ab exercises to try out as well as a good laugh.     Related posts  Simple Cues For The […]

How To Do A Stiff-Legged Deadlift

Watch this video as Mark and Liam demonstrates how to perform a proper stiff-legged deadlift Related posts Simple Cues For The Perfect Heel Elevated Squat How To Do Leg Extensions Incline Bicep Curls – A Short Video Guide

How To Change The Way You Train Forever

Enterprise Master Trainers have long been known for the jaw-dropping body transformations, and champion awards. Today, we kindly shed some light on how to maximise your training in the gym: One common mistake we frequently see in the gym is body position. Often, people will set their body before doing their reps but then once […]

Enterprise Is Where Trainers Should Train

  Enterprise is a place where trainers should train. –   Jade Halliday I have been a trainer for 5 years but have mostly been heavily involved in the management side of a Fitness Business. Most trainers would think, ‘why do I need a trainer when I already know how to train?’. But I strongly […]

Tips To Get A Better Night’s Sleep

Do you: Toss and turn in bed? Struggle to fall asleep at night? Periodically wake up? Or don’t get your full 8 hours? Learn how to get a better night’s sleep with Mark Ottobre’s top 5 tips! Related posts Supplements – Do You Need Them and Will They Help? Here’s What You Need To Know […]

Joining Enterprise Fitness Has Been The Best Thing That I Have Done

I joined Enterprise Fitness as I had reached a point in my life where I knew I needed to make a change. After spending the past 4 years studying and working, my health/life balance was poor. My health and fitness goals were to look leaner and improve my health and wellbeing. Whilst my initial goal […]