9 Week Lockdown Transformation

lockdown weight loss

Lockdown didn’t stop her from smashing her weight loss! She came to Enterprise wanting to feel comfortable in her skin. Unhappy at 76kg, she was eager to make a change. In her first 5 weeks, progress came easy training at Enterprise Fitness. But then COVID hit. Instead of going backward, Enterprise Senior Coach @lewis modified […]

A Cancelled Comp Didn’t Stop Her | Jess Watkins

physique transformation

Despite her 2020 stage debut being cancelled, Jess still transformed her physique!  After a break from her first comps, Jess returned guns blazing ready to kickstart 2020 in the best shape of her life. Since January, Jess and coach Liam have been hard at work, chipping away to get her ready for her third comp, […]

Why Should You Eat Organic?


It’s no secret, I am a big advocate of organic food and farming… It has positive effects on our environment, local economies and health. But let’s start with looking at the arguments against buying organic produce and farming: Cost… It’s no more ‘nutritious’ than non-organic food Organic can’t feed the world I have found an […]

Overcome Your Overthinking


Are you an Overthinker? Something I commonly see with my clients is that they just cannot get their brain to switch off. They are constantly thinking and running through the events of their day or thinking ahead into the future or having anxieties about work, relationships or their body composition goals.  I have to say, […]