About Mark Ottobre

Mark Ottobre is a globally recognised body transformation expert and the founder of Melbourne based elite training studio, Enterprise Fitness.

Enterprise Fitness brings together the best trainers in the country under the unique Enterprise philosophy of training, nutrition and supplements to deliver results clients never thought possible.

In addition to coaching more than 300 first-place winners in bikini, fitness, figure and bodybuilding competitions, Mark and his team have trained World Champions, gold medalists, Mr and Ms Australias, and thousands of everyday Janes and Joes wanting to feel confident in their own skin.

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Industry-leading expertise in and out of the gym

Recognised as an industry leader, Mark has had athletes and trainers travel from across Australia and over 10 different countries just to train with him, take part in his highly sought-after seminars and learn his unique philosophy on health, fitness and business.

He is the host of popular podcast series and YouTube Show ‘The Wolf’s Den’ where he talks shop with other experts and sports icons on topics ranging from powerlifting and training techniques to nutrition, science, business and more. Featured guests have included:

Mark has also had the privilege of being featured in mainstream media and trained countless celebrities, influencers, and professional athletes through his world-class coaching and unique training studio.

To enquire about working, training or consulting with Mark and his team of industry-leading personal trainers at Enterprise Fitness, email [email protected]

Mark has been featured in:

Education, training and certification

Mark is a qualified Sports Nutritionist with the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN), a Poliquin International Certified (PICP) Level 5 Master Strength Coach. He holds numerous certifications in Olympic lifting, nutrition, assessment and coaching.

Poliquin International Certification Program (PICP)

  • PICP Level 5, 2015 (Highest level of certification awarded)
  • BioPrint, Melbourne Australia 2014
  • Private Internship with Charles Poliquin, Montreal Canada 2014
  • Private Internship with Charles Poliquin, Melbourne 2014
  • PICP Level 3 & 4, Rhode Island USA 2012
  • PICP Level 1 & 2, Ottawa Canada 2010
  • BioSignature, Gold Coast Australia 2010
  • BioSignature Advance CE Muscle Testing, Perth Australia 2010
  • Program Design : Perth
  • Poliquin Hypertrophy Bootcamp, Gold Coast 2012
  • Poliquin SCTS Training the Prepubescent, Perth Australia 2010
  • Poliquin SCTS: Special Female Considerations, Perth Australia 2010
  • FAT TOOL (Fascial Abrasion Technique) : Sydney

Training, Weightlifting and Bodybuilding

  • Dmitry Klokov weighting internship 2014
  • Glenn Pendlay Olympic Lifting Seminar: Olympic Lifting Level 1, 2012
  • Glenn Pendlay Olympic Lifting Seminar: Olympic Lifting Level 2, 2012
  • Andrew Lock’s 2 two day Intensive lumber spine and rehab course 2016
  • Andre Benoit’s Hypertrophy Academy 2015
  • Tom Platz, 4 day Internship
  • John Meadows 4 day Internship
  • Ido Portal’s 2 Day workshop
  • Chris Sommers, 2 day workshop (Gymnasticbodies)

Dr John Demartini

  • John Demartini Breakthrough Experience, Melbourne 2007
  • John Demartini Breakthrough Experience, Sydney 2009
  • John Demartini Master Healing Workshop, Melbourne 2009
  • John Demartini Prophecy, Sydney 2011
  • John Demartini, Prophecy II – Mind-Body Connection, Sydney 2014

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

  • Christopher Howard’s Results NLP Practitioner Training, Level 1, Melbourne 2007
  • Christopher Howard’s Results NLP Practitioner Training, Level 2, Melbourne 2007
  • Christopher Howard’s Results NLP Practitioner Training
  • Presentation and Platform Skills, Level 3, Sydney 2007
  • Duane Alley, Science of Change, Level 4
  • Duane Alley, Inner Game of Everything
  • Anthony Robbins, Fire Walk

Nutrition, supplementation and holistic health care

  • Bob Guiels, Applied Muscle Testing, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, lecturer and event coordinator
  • Mark Schauss The Art and Science of Lab Interpretation Level 1, 2013
  • Mark Schauss The Art and Science of Lab Interpretation Level 2, 2013
  • Two days with Jim LaValle, (BioSignature level 2, updated edition)
  • International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN) Qualified Sports Nutrition Specialist


  • Australian Institute of Fitness Certificate III & IV Gym Instructor, Personal Trainer & Master Trainer, 2005
  • Certificate IV in Applied Design at Box Hill TAFE, 2004
  • Australian Institute of Fitness Cert IV in Business Sales, 2010
  • Australian Institute of Fitness Cert IV in Business Management 2010

Notable Athletes Trained By Mark

  • Andrew Moloney, Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist, WBA Oceania Champion and undefeated professional boxer
  • Janet Kane, 4 time Ms Australia, 3 time winner of the Arnold Classic Australia
  • Enterprise Master Coach, Chris Churchward, winner of Mens Fitness (overall), ICN VIC titles 2015
  • Danielle Milazzo, winner of Ms Figure (overall) ICN VIC titles 2014
  • Belinda Carusi, winner of Fitness Model (overall) ICN All Female Classic 2014
  • Enterprise Functional Health Practitioner, Kristine Ottobre, winner of Ms Figure (novice) ICN All Female Classic (2012)
  • Belinda Walker, winner of Ms Figure (intermediate) ICN All Female Classic (2012)
  • Fred Tukes, Welterweight Australian Champion (2012)
  • Amanda Brown, winner Ms Figure, Vics (2012)
Whether you’ve struggled to get the results you want, or you’re ready to take your training and nutrition to a whole new level, Mark and the Enterprise Fitness team can help you get on top of your training, diet and mindset so you can finally achieve your body goals – once and for all.

It’s Finally Time to Get the Results You’ve Always Wanted

Our private personal training studio in Richmond has everything you need to help you begin your fitness journey, transform your body and level up your fitness with a program, nutrition and supplement plan created exclusively for you.

Are you ready to change your body, health, and ultimately your life?

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