andrew-back-resultsWhy did you come to Enterprise Fitness:
I found out about it through a couple of friends that train at Enterprise and had nothing but good things to say.
I was at a point where there was no questioning that I wanted to take my training to the next level and after contacting Mark for some more information I knew it was what i needed.

What do you feel that you have achieved:
I set out to reduce my body fat and lead a healthier lifestyle. I believe I achieved this and pushed barriers mentally to get to where I wanted to be.

What have you learned:
A wealth of knowledge in regards to food choices and different training methods.

What’s next for you:
I will continue to eat and train the same as the past 12 weeks. Its now a way of life.

Would you recommend it to your friends/people looking for this.
Yes, I would definitely recommend it to people who are willing to make a change in their lifestyle.