I get it. You want to get in shape. You’ve tried dieting, training, doing extra cardio, you even bought a bike. Nothing seems to work?!

Sometimes we need to look under the hood and really understand what’s going on. Female health is complicated, after all, our bodies have the ability to grow and give life. And unfortunately, sometimes our bodies just don’t want to cooperate with our fat loss and physique goals. It can feel like throwing water in the ocean, nothing happens.

This is where your body needs a little more TLC. From supporting PCOS, getting back a normal menstrual cycle, stopping night sweats in menopause or increasing sex drive, supplements can help.

But you can’t just take any old ‘fitness’ supplements as you will learn from our Enterprise naturopath, Kristine Ottobre.

This video series covers the complicated issues of female health and gives general information on what best supplements for women to look to to support.

Disclaimer: This videos are for information purposes only. If you would like to book a consult with Kristine to discuss your specific health and fitness road blocks, email [email protected]

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