Transform from “Skinny Fat” to Fit in 12 Weeks or Less

You’ve probably come across the term “skinny fat” before. It’s a phrase that resonates with individuals who feel out of shape and unfit despite being slim. Today, we embark on a journey to explore this phenomenon and delve into the strategies, techniques, and methods that can help us achieve rapid change and long-term transformation. At […]

Unveiling Why Personal Trainers Fail Their Clients

Life has a peculiar way of challenging our perspectives. We often find ourselves caught in the grip of an all-or-none mentality, where success seems elusive, and failure looms like a shadow. It’s a mindset that promises everything but often delivers nothing. Yet, we persist. We throw ourselves wholeheartedly into pursuing one goal after another, giving […]

Rethinking Exercise Science for Better Results

University degrees are often seen as a gateway to success, promising knowledge and expertise in a chosen field. However, it is crucial to recognize that degrees alone may not bring significant results unless complemented by real-world experience. A prime example of this phenomenon can be observed in exercise science degrees within the fitness industry. Many […]

Eoin Lacey on Wolf’s Den Podcast

Wolf’s Den by Enterprise Fitness – Guest: Eoin Lacey   In this episode of the Wolf’s Den by Enterprise Fitness, I talk about training, nutrition and business with Eoin Lacey from the Irish Strength Institute.  I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with Eoin. We touched on a little of everything. From the old PICP days, training, nutrition, […]

Wolf’s Den: Powerlifting Secrets with Gus Cooke

Want to learn powerlifting secrets from top coaches? In this episode, powerlifting athlete and coach, Gus Cooke joins us in the Wolf’s Den to share his secrets to coaching some of the strongest females in Australia. We learn that training for numbers requires more than just a perfect program, and that strength is not just […]

Strength Coach Sebastian Oreb on Powerlifting | Wolf’s Den Ep 5

This guy is strong! In fact he’s the strength coach of the Worlds Strongest Man – Thor Bjornsson and crowned Australia’s strongest 110kg man! This interview is a riot. So much great information about the world of strength and conditioning packed into this one. Enjoy. Listen to this Strong Episode on iTunes or Soundcloud:   […]