Marshall Tan Melbourne Personal Trainer

As a student of human nutrition interested in weight lifting I was taught the so called “hypothesis” and “rules” that we must abide to be healthy and fit. In order to be healthy we follow these rules of counting calories (the law of thermodynamics) and that most macronutrients, except for trans fat have similar properties. With the laws of thermodynamics we were taught that if calories in is lower than calories out we were to lose weight and vice versa. Many of us have implement these rules in our lives in which we blindly follow to stay healthy, lose weight and in some cases gain weight.

I was one of them, I followed the “typical” diet in which was supposedly good for hypertrophy gains as well as fat loss. I was eating “high” carbohydrates for one day and “low” carbohydrates for the next 3 days, in the “low” carb days I was eating 200 calories below my supposed RMR (resting metabolic rate) and for the “high” carb day I was eating 300 calories excess. In terms of the law of thermodynamics, I was having 900 calories deficit a week, and suppose to lose fat. Did I lose fat? No. Did I gain muscle? Maybe. This diet carried on from the start of 2011 till early 2012 where I put on a whooping 10 kg! from 75kg fat to 85kg (fatter).

At this point I was desperate to lose weight and compete in a bodybuilding competition.

Then I met Mark in April 2012, he debunked the nutritional myths in which I have been preached to by dietician, the media and society about low calorie, low fat and high carbohydrate diets. I followed every word to the letter in the advice, programs and dietary recommendations given by Mark.

From April to June I went from 20.7% body fat to 13.9% in 4 measly months and the best part is I was eating MORE food and never counted calories once. From June to October I went from 13.9% to 9.8% body fat and made it to my bodybuilding competition winning 4th place.

It would be somewhat false if I said that Mark Ottobre is a “Jack of all trades, and master of none”, false because he is always willing to master in every aspect of his life in which benefits his clients and the people around him; physically, emotionally and mentally.

Thanks Mark for all the lessons you have taught me, for all the support you have given me and for the lifestyle you have enriched me in.

Marshall Tan

Student of Bachelor of human nutrition