alicia-resultsWhy did you come to Enterprise Fitness: I did a bit of research online and also asked around to find out where would be the best place to train for a competition. I came across a few other gyms and trainers but the testimonials on the Enterprise website caught my attention. Though I wasn’t sold until I made an enquiry and Mark got in contact with me within a couple of hours and gave me all the information I needed.

 What do you feel that you have achieved: I achieved very close to my ideal physique and competed in my first fitness model competition!! I trained my body hard whilst keeping up a very nutritious diet without the need for lots of carbs, preworkouts and protein shakes! My training with Enterprise helped me achieve a great physique without them.

 What have you learned: What haven’t I learned! I learned how to train my body efficiently. I learned tons about how to fuel my body with wholesome, natural foods whilst at the same time still building muscle and losing body fat (I can’t express how glad I am to have taken protein shakes and preworkout drinks out of my diet!). I’ve also learned more about how and what different types of food effect my body and the importance of knowing how your body processes food! Once I got the general idea of how my body processes sugar and carbs, I feel like I’m more conscious of what I put into my body and Enterprise taught me that!

 What’s next for you: I hope to get back into the Enterprise gym sometime soon to help me train for a photoshoot! I’m also looking into studying for my fitness certificates.

 Would you recommend it to your friends/people looking for this: Most definitely! I already have 🙂


Alicia Chin

Legal Assistant