Bec – “The Enterprise facilities are second to none”

Throughout the past twelve months I have not only competed in my first Bodybuilding competition, but my first four! I have surpassed my own expectations placing third in my first ever competition and winning my second! I also claimed the Physique Intermediate title at the INBA Victorian Championships.

Daniel Lawley – “Enterprise opened my eyes to a completely new way of doing things”

My number one goal when starting at Enterprise was to reduce my body fat percentage, not only did I considerably decrease my body fat percentage I gained lean muscle mass at the same time which was a bonus!

Aiden Guyett – “Started Getting Results That Only I Had Dreamed About”

I started training with Mark in January of 2009 and started getting results that only I had dreamed about. I’d been in and out of gyms for 7 years as your average off the street person and had numerous trainers, which saw me getting the same results time and time again. With Mark’s training and guidance I was able to fix my diet, train harder and get the results I dreamed about.

Nikki Tsioutis – “They Taught Me Skills I’ll Have For The Rest Of My Life!”

I cannot thank the Enterprise Fitness Team enough for their commitment to me and caring so much about my health and fitness. I cannot wait to do another program, so that I can increase my knowledge and fitness even further!

George Petkovski – “Body Fat Went From 16.8% To 10.5% And I Put On Muscle And Strength!”

I trained with Enterprise Fitness for about 6 months and I got some pretty impressive results. My body fat dropped from 16.7% to 10.5% and I also built muscle and strength at the same time.

It was very intense but that’s what I needed and if you want someone to push you hard to get results I recommended training with Enterprise Fitness.

Massive thanks to both Mark and Erros.

Vinnie – “They have radically changed my training”

Before I start training with Enterprise I’ve never believed in Personal Training neither that the right diet would make would make such a difference. I always blamed my genetics for not getting the results I wanted. Before I found Enterprise I spoke to many different PTs and all of them told me to do the same thing I can read in any Health Magazine, but when I first spoke with Mark, he punched me on the face. I still remember his words saying: “You are the result of your choices. It doesn’t matter what I say to you if you don’t make the right decision to get where you want to. I can’t take you there”.

Narelle Hall – “I truly cannot believe the difference in just 16 weeks, it still amazes me.”

I was training at my local gym wanting to compete in women’s figure. I was mostly training on my own and without any knowledge and no prior experience in a gym. Due to my lack of knowledge and training technique I dislocated my shoulder and was going to give up, with the support of my husband he encouraged me to continue. To succeed I decided to find the best personal trainers and facility around.

Vikram Caprihan – “Their No-Nonsense Approach Helped Me Stay On The Right Track”

I have been training with Mark for around 2 years. When I started training with him I weighed 86kg and in 14 weeks I got down to 67kg.

Mark has different training methods for everyone as he customizes your training and nutrition by looking at your body type and lifestyle. Mark’s no-nonsense approach helped me stay on the right track.

I can’t recommend him highly enough. If you are serious about training and improving your body then you have come to the right person.

John Anderson – “Dropped To My Ideal Weight And Stayed There”

Since listening to Mark’s advice, about supplementation truth and nutrition…I have built muscle like never before…I have also dropped to my ideal weight and stayed there even when I didn’t train for a week on holidays…and I can lift so much more…eating and supplementation used to be a challenge for me… because I would read so much conflicting information… now it’s a mystery no more. Thank you Mark for your dedication to providing the real information for people.

Jen Oudy – “He Got Rid Of The Useless Supplements I Was Using – And This Actually Caused Me To Drop 2 Kilos Within A Week!”

I’m a single mum of four little ones and I don’t have an endless supply of money (or time) to spend on supplements and training. I need things that work fast and things that can fit into my budget. The very first time I met Mark he got rid of the useless supplements I was using – and this actually caused me to drop 2 kilos within a week! Saving me money and getting me the results I was after. I would highly recommend his training and methods!

Rhys Bowman – “I Was Probably At The Lowest Of Lows In My Entire Life When I Went To See Mark About Getting Fit And Training”

I was probably at the lowest of lows in my entire life when I went to see Mark about getting fit and training. I laughed a little when I first met him as he was more keen than I was too get myself fit, and from this I knew Mark wouldn’t lie to me and he’d actually look after me with his life changing program.

Erros Chiodo – “I was amazed at how much my body had changed, getting leaner and bigger at the same time.”

My Journey with Mark began 5 years ago. We first crossed paths at a bodybuilding seminar I attended where Mark did a presentation on training and nutrition. A bit younger but equally ambitious and energetic, Mark’s knowledge really impressed me.

1st Place in the Masters at ANB Asia Pacific and 1st Place in intermediate at the The All Female Classic!

Why Mark you might ask, why employ a trainer who lives in an entirely different state?

Well, I’m a firm believer if you want to be the best that you can be then surround yourself with the best, this also applies to life partners, friends and colleagues. Being in another state is purely logistical and where there is a will there is a way!

I was looking for a coach who would give me a no nonsense approach, I wasn’t looking for a friend – I wanted to learn as much as I could and fast. I was looking for not just training advice but supplementation and diet – I wanted to put on muscle and fast, I had only been weight training for 12 months and was looking at competing again 6 months after my first season of competing.

I discovered my love for this sport and competing quite by accident, my initial stage debut was not a planned one and to experience success in this sport took me by surprise, firmly cementing my desire to continue to grow and learn and to return to the stage bigger and better each time.

Enter “Maximus Mark” – Coach to my inspirational Mentor Janet Kane – Simply she is currently Australia’s best female natural figure competitor – with Mark’s guidance and her champion attitude they are unbeatable – so the BEST in the biz!

I initially contacted Mark via facebook (Hmmm, what did we do before facebook!) and booked a brain-picking session with him via Skype. The initial consultation was bang on, I got instant answers to health related problems and within an hour I was well on my way to eating and sleeping more and training less!

I want the most bang for my buck being a busy mother of three, the eldest thirteen and the youngest one – this relates to both time and finances. Mark has taught me how to do this by supplementing correctly and training smarter.

I love competing however I don’t want to be defined by the person you see on the stage. Mark has educated me to look at my goals differently with great perspective – health and wellness being the most important. I no longer know nor care how much I weigh, infact when competing last in June at the ANB Asia Pacific and the INBA All Female Classic, I did not weigh myself once other than when Mark did my biosignature on the few occasions I flew to Melbourne to see him – Mark has shown me that weight is no longer of importance to me , he has helped me realise that I am strong, fit and healthy – I am a healthy person that makes healthy choices and inspires others to do the same.

I continue to grow and learn from Mark and can’t wait to see where the future takes us – TEAM ENTERPRISE!

Belinda Walker

Lauren Webb

All Females Classic 2012;
Team Enterprise Fitness
Belinda Walker, winner of the intermediate figure
Kristine Coffey, winner of novice figure
Caroline Hutchinson, winner of novice fitness model
and on the end, 4 time Ms Australia, Janet Kane.
Mark Ottobre in the center.

All Female Classic Fitness Model Winner

When I first met with Mark, I honestly believed this was going to be a breeze. After all, I trained daily and sometimes twice a day. From running, to boxing, dancing, group fitness classes and boot camp. And my diet was pretty solid. Needless to say my first consultation with Mark opened my eyes to just how unhealthy my current lifestyle was… my excessive exercise far outweighed my food intake which consisted of processed and sugary foods, gluten and dairy. And while I was a mere 60 kilos, my body fat said otherwise. I was what some would call “skinny fat”.

My end goal had always been to compete in the 2012 INBA All Female Classic contest. In reaching my goal, Mark had asked on a scale from one to ten, how much I wanted this? If one was poor and ten equated to getting out of bed at 3am to train if I had to (not that I ever had to get up at 3am), what would I be?

Without hesitation, it was a ten! I wanted this more than anything. I distinctly remember Mark asking me whether I was a lion or a cow… whether I hunted and ate my prey, or grazed all day. Safe to say… I was a cow and a vegetarian at that.

In the weeks and months to follow, Mark and the trainers at Enterprise Fitness would transform my life. Through hard work, sheer determination, consistency and the end goal in mind, I quickly found myself eating clean and training hard. I went from weighing myself daily to weighing myself once a week, from three small processed meals, to protein rich based meals every two hours. And my much loved cardio sessions were quickly replaced with weight training, once a day.

From Mark’s “grocery list” to his training programs and supplement intake my overall lean muscle mass increased, my body fat dropped, and my weight remained the same. Who would have guessed! But nothing is without its ups and downs. Training for a competition is physically and mentally challenging, but one thing Mark and his seminars have taught me is to Trust and Believe. Trust your trainer and Believe in yourself.

The day before the comp I found myself plagued with self doubt… had I done enough? Through the support of Mark and the Enterprise Fitness Team, his beautiful fiancé Kristine, and my family and friends, I had to remind myself whatever the outcome, I’m already a winner, that I’ve managed to turn my life in to a healthy lifestyle, and I’m about to achieve my end goal.

Placing first in the 2012 INBA All Female Classic, Novice Fitness Model division far out weighed my expectations. Twelve weeks of training and a strict diet had come down to a mere few minutes. And it was worth every minute of nerves, anxiety and excitement. Whatever the outcome I was a winner and I deserved to be on stage. It made winning that more sweeter.

They say throughout life everything happens for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Meeting Mark and Kristine, and the Enterprise Fitness Team… is definitely for a lifetime!

Caroline Hutchinson

2012 All Females Classic Novice Fitness Model Winner

I Feel Myself Getting Fitter And Stronger Each And Everyday

I started training with Mark only a couple of months ago, Mark coached me on my diet and supplements and developed a training program specific to the needs of my body. In just 6 weeks I dropped from 15.5% to 10.2% body fat and gained 2 kilos of lean muscle. I also came runner up in the INBA Sportsmodel Competition.

Mark has challenged me both physically and mentally and educated me on my body and what works best. I call mark the Doctor of fitness, he has incredible insight and a real passion and love for training. I feel myself getting fitter and stronger each and everyday and have had a huge success in such a short space of time, thank you Mark, you are a champion!

Carly Smith – Sports Model

I Can’t Recommend Them Highly Enough! (Online Training With Enterprise Fitness)

I did my first figure competition in May of this year and was pretty amazed at how unhealthy my prep felt. I really thought there must be a way of achieving the look you need for competition without sacrificing my health and risking metabolic damage and so on, so decided to look for another way.

As a long time subscriber to Mark’s podcasts and info I knew that he was a great source of information on training and nutrition, so decided to investigate his online training program.

I would love to train with Mark in person, but as I live in Sydney the only possibility was to work with him online – and I’m so glad I did.

Mark provides you with everything you need for your specific training and nutrition goals – we had a specific time limit too – I started with Mark 10 weeks out from my competition and he guided me to be completely ready for Comp Day. He answered every question I had about my training or nutrition (and there were lots!), and always got back to me really, really quickly, and to that end I just placed 2nd in the IFBB State Championships Master’s Figure.

I learnt so much about proper nutrition, hormonal balance and the importance of other factors like sleep and supplements and how well I trained, allowing me to get the results I wanted. I also went through Comp prep full of energy with a smile on my face, which was completely different to the previous time where lack of food made me listless and miserable!

I can’t recommend Mark highly enough – I am continuing my training with Mark through my off season and into comp prep for next year where I intend to reach a whole new level – And I can’t wait!

Lisa Callingham

Thank You For The Seminar – Alexandra Large

Last week we ran a jam-packed two day seminar event in Melbourne. The goal with each seminar is to create a paradigm shifting experience for the participants.

Below is an email (used with permission) from Alexandra Large who flew from Sydney to attend the seminar in Melbourne. Here’s what she had to say about the two day experience:

Hi Mark , I just wanted to send you a personal message to say Thank You to you and the Enterprise Fitness Team for the seminar last weekend. It’s taken me the last week to realise exactly how much of a good impact it has had on me.

Before the weekend I think I was creeping towards a pretty dangerous place, I was becoming obsessed with food and my body. I would spend hours researching for different recipes that I would deem acceptable or could adapt into my diet, especially for treat meals. I would often find myself doing this on a Monday, even when I had just had a treat meal the day before and next wasn’t for another 6 days, it was like self torture. I would spend at least 10-15 minutes every day assessing every inch of my body loving and loathing different parts. This would all then lead to me often making bad decision, I would binge every now and again, or my treat meal would turn into a treat evening and of course following that I would beat myself up for doing so and not being strong enough to stop myself. But since last weekend thanks to you and the speakers you had at the seminar, every time I have thought about eating something I know maybe I shouldn’t, I have asked myself, will it benefit my goal to compete? Do I really want to eat it? and I haven’t. Even in such a short space of time I’ve found that the thought of eating the foods in the first instance have started to become less and less. I have really started to believe in myself and that I can achieve my ultimate goal….I will be a champion fitness model!!!

You have given me the confidence to experiment with my diet, I have added carbs into my diet for the first time in over 9 months this week and guess what I haven’t put a tonne of weight on!!

My mindset really has changed, I’m nowhere near the mindset of a champion yet but I am definitely on my way. I have you to thank for that.

I will definitely be attending the seminar again.

With so much appreciation

Alex xxx

This Was About A Lifestyle

I came to get help from Mark after a very turmoil year that saw my eating and binging spiral out of control after competing. I was at wits end not knowing how I was going to get my body back into gear when I got the tip that Maximus Mark was the person to see. So I made the call and went and saw Mark…

From the moment Mark opened his mouth everything made sense. I was not going to be put on another stupid starvation diet. I was not going to be put on a ridiculous training plan… This was about improving everything from the inside out so that I would never have to diet another day in my life in order to stay lean nor would I have to do endless amounts of cardio to stay lean… This was about a lifestyle.

It is hard to describe how grateful I am for what Mark has taught me, I have never in my life felt better, full of natural energy – yep that’s right, I don’t touch ANY fat burners or energy drinks or caffeine, its a daily natural high I sit on. I don’t get bloated anymore, I feel amazing, and I am not spending my whole week training! I do only what I need to which is very minimal in order to stay at a lean and healthy weight.

My mindset towards eating, training and supplementation has completely taken a 360 degree flip. I absolutely recommend if you are feeling trapped and controlled by food, or training or you have obsessive behaviour about it; that you speak to Mark about what you can do. I promise you wont ever regret it!

Victoria May

Champion Sports Model

Gym Owners And Fitness Competitors Found The Results They Were Looking For After 25 years Of Trying; (Online Training With Enterprise Fitness)

My husband Mick & I have always been addicted to fitness and weight training and have been doing a variety of programs for over 25 years. Then we found Maximus Mark who provided a full program that had all the necessary ingredients to prepare ourselves for our first Body Building Competition. Programs provided sound nutrition advice ensuring that our bodies were well nourished and fuelled up for some gruelling training sessions. The training programs that Mark has provided both of us with, has transformed our bodies beyond our expectations and we are continuing to get stronger and leaner each week. We have also made some changes in the way that we train our clients all thanks to Enterprise Fitness and Mark’s training programs.

Mick and Colleen Cuts

I Train So Much More Consistently When My Programs Are Coming From Someone I Can Trust! (Online Training With Enterprise Fitness)

Before starting with Marks online training I could only do 3 body weight chin ups. In 4 months I was able to do 8 full chin ups and 1 chin up with 12.5 kilos attached to my waist,when I never have used extra weights before. I train so much more consistently when my programs are coming from someone I can trust!

As a BioSignature Practitioner in Finland there are not a whole lot of other practitioners to get ideas and feedback from. I found Marks suggestions in regards to supplements both interesting and very effective.

Anne Hämäläinen

Optimal Performance Oy

2 Time INBA Mr. Australia, Tristan Boyce

Before I started training and dieting properly for my bodybuilding competitions I wasn’t really sure of how to approach it, as there was so much information out there in terms of supplements, training techniques and dieting. When I decided to see Mark a few months before competition he set me straight and told me how it would be. With a proper diet, intense training program and good supplement guide, I was on my merry way to success in October.

I have just finished competing in the INBA and ANB natural bodybuilding competitions and finished in 1st place for both competitions in the junior divisions. I also won best posing routine for the INBA, and “best legs” for the junior and overall competition in the ANB show.

Training with and getting advice from Mark was the best decision I ever made. As I said he set me on the right path to success, and now the world’s my oyster. I am heading to the nationals in the Gold Coast for the INBA and to Sydney for the ANB nationals. I owe a huge thanks to Mark, and would highly recommend his services to anyone wanting to achieve results, look what I did!!!!!

Tristan Boyce,

2 Time Mr Australia

ASN Sponsored Athlete

Nothing We Did Seemed To Work… Until I Met Mark and Kristine

As a Personal Trainer I had attended a number of courses on mainstream nutrition. I always walked out with unanswered questions and could never manage to shed my last 5kg myself, let along teach my clients to do the same. It was extremely frustrating. On top of that I was dealing with a husband and 2 children that were constantly getting sick, and I had no idea why! Nothing we did seemed to work.

I met Mark at the Australian Institute of Fitness; he was one of my coaches there. I instantly warmed to him; my gut instinct told me this was someone I needed to stay in contact with. And I was right. 18 months later, Mark was conducting the “Eat Your Way to Abs” seminar. Attending that was a no brainer. I had already attended a number of nutrition courses and had no results. Having looked at the people that consulted with Mark, I knew that I needed to be at this seminar. Not only did I attend, but took 5 people with me the next time he conducted this seminar.

At this seminar I had all my questions answered. I had a light bulb moment and everything made sense to me, regarding nutrition. Within 4 weeks of attending the “Eat Your Way to Abs” seminar the first time, I dropped 6kg! AND improved my lean muscle. On top of that I learned why my family was constantly sick; we were all intolerant to Gluten. I took us all off Gluten (yes including the kids!) and nobody has had 1 dose of antibiotics since then! It’s been 4 months. To give you an indication, my children took turns on antibiotics, 1 week each, and my husband had Tonsillitis fortnightly! So to be free of illness for 4 months is massive in our home.

I have implemented everything I have learned, and continue to learn, from Mark, with my clients too. They too are seeing some amazing results! My business has sky rocketed with all the success stories we are seeing. We always had results, we just have them faster now!

I highly recommend consulting with Mark and Kristine. You will not be disappointed! They are a wealth of knowledge and make it so easy to learn from them. They make you feel welcome and always take the time to answer any questions and provide you with the information to help you move forward. Not consulting with this couple, is doing yourself and your business (if you are a PT) an injustice.

Terri Batsakis

Kat Eden Of Women Incredible On Training With Mark

I started training with Mark in 2011 after getting to a point where I was tired of looking after my own training and nutrition as well as everyone else’s! As a personal trainer and health coach myself for over 13 years I know all the ‘facts’, but that doesn’t mean I can always be objective or motivated.

As I’ve had several stages of feeling that way, Mark is actually about the 6th or 7th trainer I’ve worked with to achieve my personal goals, I go through phases where I’m happy alone and others where I know I need support.

I chose to work with Mark because I knew him from various courses and had noticed that he was very observant, asked smart questions in class, and seemed to care about his clients wellbeing beyond just the physical results. Furthermore, in various positions I’ve held in the fitness industry I’ve mentored hundreds of different trainers, and so I like to think I have an eye for who is a cut above the rest!

What I found is that Mark takes personal training to a level that most trainers possibly don’t even consider. His approach is very holistic, in that he took the time to regularly check in on how I was going with nutrition, lifestyle, stress management, even business management. All of the things which do play a part in whether or not you might stay on track or slip off path a little.

Two things that especially stood out to me in working with Mark were how accommodating he was of me bringing my toddler to training sessions (she loves it!) and also one occasion when he sent me an email that was very relevant to where I was emotionally with dealing with old food and body image issues. I don’t think there are many guys out there that either get where women come from when it comes to body image, or want to!

Mark’s workouts are challenging, fun and varied, and his training is result based. I was able to check a few pretty cool strength goals off my list. To be honest my jaded view of the fitness industry is that most trainers see it as a means to some undefined end and are watching the clock, but to Mark helping people IS clearly the end game and the way he presents as a PT shows that.

Kat Eden

High-performance Coach for Women

Look What I Did In Less Than A Month!

In just over one month of proper diet and training with Mark I was able to completely transform my body. The amount of knowledge and passion he entails is incredible. I started at 9.6% body fat and had 71.4 kilos of lean muscle. After exceptional diet and supplementary advice I got to 7.3% body fat and 73.5 kilos of lean muscle, this was while dieting and from 24/2 till 29/3. So this happened in a month! Although the training and dieting was difficult and did require a lot of dedication, it was all worth the journey. If you are serious about training and reaching your goals I highly recommend getting in contact with Mark.

Jarrod Boyce

Mark Holds Me Accountable To My Goals…

Before I met Mark I was all over the place with my fitness, skipping workouts and very unfit.

When he first did my body fat, I was 30% and very unsatisfied with the state of my health.

Since training with Mark I have lost 8% body fat and have put on 3 lean kilos of muscle.

For me, the best thing about training with Mark is that he holds me accountable to my goals.

Tony Awad

Zac Pozzobon ; They Showed Me How To Train For A Comp

Mark Quilty ; Nothing Short Of Amazing

They Will Open Up For You A World Of Potential You Didn’t Even Know Existed

It’s always important to seek out expert advice in any field to maximize your potential. You’ll find that those who have achieved the greatest success are the ones who have sought out a mentor. Starting off personal training, I had no idea how to train probably and run a successful business. It proved a very wise move to seek out a teacher (Mark Ottobre) who had had great success in this particular endeavour. He taught me all I needed to know about business, but his teachings extended far beyond that.

Mark proved to be my life coach. Whenever I fell down he was there to pick me up. I have become much tougher skinned since commencing coaching with Mark. He has brought my training to new levels, so if you’re an athlete expect to experience dramatic improvements in your sporting pursuits. It’ll blow your mind. If you want to be your best, seek out the best. Enterprise Fitness will open up for you a world of potential, you didn’t even know existed.

Andrew Rudakov

Personal Trainer and Champion Natural Bodybuilder

Who Mag Feature

WHO Magazine February 2008,

Mark and client, Christina Kitsakis Were Featured. In 12 Weeks Christina Lost 7 Kilos.

Just Wanted To Say Thanks!




Just wanted to say thank you again for pointing me in the right direction with nutrition, I have attached a picture to show you the effectiveness your Eat Your Way To Abs seminar has had on me.

Warm regards,

Reece Adams

12 Months On, Still In Shape

Just wanted to update you, 12 months on, after a few ups and downs, I am finally maintain my health and fitness to a level I am VERY VERY happy with. I am not at my goal but it no longer seems unattainable and beyond me but easily within my grasp with dedication and hard work over the next few months. I owe you a lot for your continued education, generosity and inspiration that has transformed my mentality, beliefs and understandings of health. Thanks Mark!

Yours Sincerely Don Bemrose – Indigenous Opera Singer

A Big Thanks To You!

You know your stuff and I have really benefited from your help. I now understand a hell of a lot more… How to eat; stay lean, get stronger and put on muscle at the same time. I have set a goal to compete in June next year on the Gold Coast for the Asia Pacific Championships. I know I can come in leaner and more muscular on the day without a ridiculous ‘bulking up’ (fattening up) phase in between!

You have been a great coach, a great help to me and now I am more confident than ever.

Anthony Cutajar,
Realm Training

Jasmine Sioukas:I’ve Finally Stopped Counting Calories; She Did This By Just Reading Our Articles!

Thank you so much for pretty much changing my life! After years of restrictive eating and stupid diets that always left me feeling tired, lethargic, unhappy and struggling to train at my best. I have finally found what I now call the “way of life” approach to eating and training with the help of your program I have never had more energy and strive in the gym, my skin, hair nails have never grown so much and looked so healthy, my stomach has never been so flat and my body has seemed to form into its perfect shape….you saved a girl like me from living the rest of her life on stupid diets making us miserable counting calories and being afraid to have “meat” or “fats” on our plates! I am now stronger, leaner and the happiest I’ve ever been.

Jasmine Soukas

Todd Iverstine; Online Training With Enterprise Fitness

Todds the one in the red shorts… With the Abs next to the babe!

From my records, it looks like my 6 month program is up. I wanted to thank you for the great work you have done in putting together a wonderful program. From the eating to the workout programs you got me on the right tract to live a healthy life. Following your instruction, I have more energy & confidence then ever before. Not that my goal was to receive complements when I take my shirt off, but since I started your program back in Feb or so, this summer has been different then any before. I still have a long way to go, but just over the past 6 months it has been a great start.I still need to continue my education by studying the PDFs that you sent me, continue to eat the correct foods, and stay consistent with my workouts. But going through your program, the things I just mentioned have become an “Habit”, so now it’s just a lifestyle not work!!! And above all that’s what I wanted out of the program a “LIFESTYLE“.

Thanks again & keep me on your email list for future updates on you & your website… Take care!


Todd Iverstine

American, Louisiana

It Is The Mental Toughness, Motivation And Passion For Fitness

Mark not only works in the fitness industry, he lives there! Continually seeking self-development in all aspects of muscle building (aspects many people may not even consider), Mark is innovative, articulate and cutting-edge.

If it’s results you’re looking for then I can certainly vouch for that. When I began working with Mark I could bench-press 22.5 Kg dumbbells and I now do the same exercise with 37.5 kg weights. I have gone from dead lifting 100 kg 5 weeks ago to 140 kg now. And if I could accurately and succinctly measure my stamina I would convey to you that I am leaps and bounds ahead of where I was before.

But as I alluded to before it is the mental toughness, motivation and passion for fitness which Mark has instilled in me that is his greatest achievement.

Ben Lant

My Deadlift Has Gone From 120 Kilos To 200 Kilos

When I started training with Mark my body fat was 25%. I was a little surprised it was that high as I had been training 3 days a week.

I decided to start training to lose weight. I got down to 17% in a few short months. I found the biggest difference was the attention to detail in both nutrition and training. Mark taught me a lifestyle to implement and not a ‘diet’.

As my work is very demanding of my time, this has been something I have struggled with and now have a routine I can stick to.

Additionally, my deadlift has gone from 120kilos to 200 kilos. Something I attribute to Marks detailed knowledge in program design.

I would highly recommend personal training with Mark and the team at Enterprise Fitness

Jesse Phelan

Robotics Engineer

By Steve, Online Training With Enterprise Fitness

Its been nearly 6 months now since I signed up to Enterprise Fitness Online mentoring program and I just thought I’d let you know how much I have improved since then…

Not only am I stronger, bigger, leaner etc, but for me the biggest improvement has been my knowledge with both training and diet/supplementation and also dealing with social pressures.

For example, I remember this time last year, before I enrolled in Enterprise Fitness online training course- attending Christmas lunch with all the family, all I could think about was digging into all the traditional Greek food- having an hour or so break and then ripping into all the deserts later. But I overcame the social pressure and I just ate a plate of chicken and salad, together with my almonds and vitamins. All my cousins were laughing at me, saying “as if your not going to eat what u want on Christmas day, come on just have some it wont kill you.” Anyway that whole day all I could think about was the food on the table, how much I’d love a piece of this or a slice of that etc…..

Now 12 months later, after 6 months on your mentoring program, it’s not even an issue; nor do I care anymore what people think of my decisions to be healthy. Sure I could stuff my face on Christmas day, but these days I decide when I’m going to eat crappy foods and on my terms! To be clear, the biggest change is that I don’t feel the guilty like I use to, sure I eat bad food, but it’s when I want to.

Another example is just last night, I went out clubbing with friends, I hadn’t had a drink in about 5 weeks so I thought why not I’d have a few drinks with some mates. So I ordered a grey goose with mineral water and fresh lime (my favourite drink). To be honest with you it wasn’t going down that well. Nevertheless I finished my first drink before being shouted another. Now at this stage I was half way through my second drink and it still wasn’t going down well. Then I started thinking to myself, what the hell am I doing? I’m not even enjoying this drink, why am I even drinking? I’m only going to feel like crap the next day. So I said stuff it, I put the drink down and went and grabbed a bottle of water from the bar!

This improvement I honestly believe is a credit to the Enterprise Fitness mentoring program. Without your support I honestly believe I wouldn’t have broken through the plateau I reached 6 months ago before contacting you, and for that I’d really like to thank you and just let you know how much I appreciate it.


The Most Relevant Nutrition Information I Have Ever Received.

Mark’s Eat Your Way To Ab’s seminar was the most relevant nutrition information I have ever received. It provides useful & applicable detail to all who attend, regardless of background or training experience.

Whether you are stuck in the 80’s food pyramid or a hard-core Paleo fan, Mark’s insight into the “why’s” of his information is what makes you sit up & take notice.

Backed by real world experience, I would challenge anyone to follow Mark’s advice & NOT see results.

As a trainer, type 1 diabetic & absolute nutrition enthusiast – I would highly recommend Mark’s Eat Your Way to Abs for all.

Wes Brinckley

Wayne Perry On Online Training With Enterprise Fitness

Hey Mark. Just weighed in this morning and dropped 1.7 kg in the last week and its 3.9 kg in total since starting your program which really is only about 4 weeks since changing my diet, so very pleased with myself!

My starting weight was 87.1 kg when I started your program and this morning weighed in at 83.2 kg, I can’t believe its only been 4 weeks!

Wayne Perry

Personal Trainer And ‘Bored Gym Goer’

The first time I met Mark was during my Personal Training course at AIF, he was a lecturer there. Mark was down to earth in his approach and gave me a sense of confidence that he really knew what he was talking about and was extremely knowledgeable. I knew that he was a trainer who practised what he preached. He showed me that he was serious about training.

So I decided I would contact Mark for one-on-one training. He has helped me in many ways. From dietary advice and guidance, to challenging, enjoyable training. I had been training for years and was getting bored with the usual gym machine workouts. He gave me the variety that I was looking for and I look forward to raining with him every week. I really like doing the “Strong Man” exercises as it gives me a sense of challenge and accomplishment. I like that even though I’m a girly girl I can still do it.

It took me a while to actually follow all of his advice. I have to admit to not following the dietary advice AND funnily enough, when I did that along with my training my results were awesome!! I feel great and know now that I look great too.

I would like to thank Mark for helping me in the last year. I have loved my training and have a lot of respect for him. He has shown me how to look after myself properly and for that I am more than thankful! I am a healthy, strong and confident thanks to him.

Rhiannon Reed

Personal Trainer finally getting results

I met Mark when I studied at the AIF and I knew there was something different about him. He abstained from the general fitness approach that you see everywhere. I began learning from Mark in June 2010; since then my training principles and nutrition have excelled. I weighed 69kg back then, now I weigh just under 80kg. I can also lift a hell of a lot more with correct technique. Mark has taught me skills I will remember for life and can include everyday to enhance my wellbeing.

I would recommend Mark to anyone looking to learn more about their physical capabilities or how to train/eat properly for significant gains.

Thanks again Mark you are a light in the midst of darkness that is the fitness industry.

Sam Sanders,

Taken From An Unexpected (But Always Welcome) Thank you email:

With what you have taught me and shown me over the short time I have known you has been inspirational. You changed the way I look at life, your attitude to negativity, how to turn a negative into a positive, you have been a inspiration to me, it has been this inspiration that makes me dig deeper for the things I want in life.

Failure is not an option. Thank you for all the motivation that you have given me

Dennis Newham

Business owner

It Becomes More Then Just About Losing Weight– Natalie Smyth

I wanted to lose weight and get fit but as time went on the reasons changed; it wasn’t just about losing weight but changing my body shape, my life and my attitude towards higher goals and achieving them.

I have dropped 3-4 dress sizes since I first began I am also fitter, stronger and healthier than I have ever been before…Thank-you Mark for your unwavering motivation, support and teaching me to be the very best I can be as well as helping me understand that I have the ability to apply that to all areas of my life. You truly are an Inspiration!!

Natalie Smyth

Manager at the Royal Children’s and Royal Women’s Hospital

Training With Mark Ottobre Has Certainly Been Fun And Enjoyable

“Training with Mark Ottobre over the last 8 months has certainly been fun and enjoyable. I have exceeded my own expectations to what I thought I could achieve. Our sessions are only for an hour, but I find his training and diet advice takes me well beyond our sessions spent together. Mark has always taken the time to explain my program through to the finest detail so I know all the aspects of my training. Whenever I thought I had reached my goal, I was always able to set the bar a little bit higher and have continued to make progress every week”

Jayson Alam

Public Servant

Wealth Of Knowledge

I have known Mark on a professional level as a trainer and coach for 4 months. During this time he has provided a wealth of knowledge on the subject of training clients as a professional personal trainer.

Mark’s extensive knowledge in the areas of health, nutrition and training and his passion for what he teaches on a day to day basis is a demonstration of the commitment he has given to what he believes in.

Luke Goodman

Sales, Harvey Norman

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