Before I start training with Enterprise I’ve never believed in Personal Training neither that the right diet would make would make such a difference. I always blamed my genetics for not getting the results I wanted. Before I found Enterprise I spoke to many different PTs and all of them told me to do the same thing I can read in any Health Magazine, but when I first spoke with Mark, he punched me on the face. I still remember his words saying: “You are the result of your choices. It doesn’t matter what I say to you if you don’t make the right decision to get where you want to. I can’t take you there”

 That sentence hit me as challenge and I said to myself I need to show this guy I can do it. 12 weeks later I achieved results that I didn’t expected and I realized that the challenge that I set before wasn’t against Mark but against to myself. Big thanks to Enterprise Team for supporting me through this process of re-learning, not letting me give up, and surpassing my limits.

 Thanks guys 🙂

Vinnie Cunha
Mechanical Engineer, 28yrs old – Richmond