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Pseudo Health Food Is Not Breakfast

In this video, we cover why cereals are not the best option for breakfast- unless your James.

Then you can eat what you want. Enjoy the video and let us know what you think in the comments!


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Transcript From Why Pseudo Health Food Is Not Recommended For Breakfast Video

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Hello Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Mark Ottobre and today we’re gonna be talking about pseudo-health foods. Today Pseudo health food is maple crunch. At Enterprise, we actually love Maple Crunch and we recommend it to our clients quite regularly but not for breakfast and not for reasons that you’re probably thinking when you’re shopping in the supermarket aisle.

We don’t eat it for breakfast, especially those who want to be lean.

JAMES: But Mark, I eat it for breakfast!


Mark: All right, this guy is lean, but the thing that we got really understand, he said he does 45,000 hours of cardio every day. All right? Maybe not that much.

*Liam yelling out…

Mark: Uh, and he’s 20 years old. He’s in and he’s. Stop interrupting me folks. This guy plays soccer four days a week at a very, very competitive lift level. Semi professional. He’s not quite good enough to be professional, but we’ll keep that on camera between you and I have semi-professional, which means he’s doing a lot of cardio every single day.

So yeah, you might get away with this here and there, but if you really wanting to get lean in and have a diet that’s going to be supporting a fat loss, Pseudo Health Foods and Cereals isn’t the food. We will use this with competitors for a carb up. Now for the general person out there looking to get in shape, this is going to wreak havoc on your blood sugar. Reason being, we just look at it 100 grams of a Pseudo Health Food Cereals. I mean this is a, what do we got here? We’ve got a 300 grams box. So you might say, well, I’m not going to eat, 300- however 100 grams is a serving.

Maybe it’s 75 or let’s just, we’ll use 100 grams because they recommended is 45 grams, which I think most people would eat more than that. You’re looking at 35 grams of sugar in a 45 grams, 100 grams, you’re looking at 78 grams of sugar, 78 grams of carbohydrate, and 15 point seven of which coming from sugar. So I suppose the key thing to understand that when you talk about this blood glucose dysregulation used to understand and only use simple terms, is that in your bloodstream you’ve got around a teaspoon or really less than a teaspoon of circulating glucose around your system at any one time. So what does that mean? I mean, healthy range is going to be anywhere between, let’s say a three point eight to four point eight in terms of your healthy blood glucose. Obviously they’re Australian units, not, not sure about the internationals who are watching this.

So that means that we ran up and just say five grams. Anything over that is going to need to be used. So if you’re introduced some terms here, if you’re insulin resistant, it’s going to wreak havoc on your bloodstream because it’s not going to get inside the muscle. Because let’s face it, when most of us wake up, we’re not waking up from a bout of exercise, right? Waking up and we don’t go for a run, we’re not training, we’re waking up and our bodies are well rested, their welfare. We’re not in a state of depletion out muscle. Glycogen isn’t a and it doesn’t need to be refilled, so therefore a carbohydrate breakfast every single morning, and if we’re not training at high levels, it can be very counterproductive, but the other thing to consider, if you do have a lot of unwanted body fat, you’re really going to need to, I suppose to start with a more aggressive approach and what I mean by aggressive approach, you’re going to need a minimize carbs.

You want to, it’s transformation period. You want to get yourself as insulin sensitive as possible. Now, what does that mean? Insulin sensitive basically means in layman’s terms, the ability to uptake muscle inside of old, sorry, uptake, glucose inside of the muscle rather than uptaking the glucose or glucose converting and adding into the fat cells. So very, very important for the general person to be able to do that. That’s the wrap on maple crunch. The reality is you always need to consider both context and content delivering any advice. So while this is a video, it is very impossible. It is impossible to understand everyone’s context that we’re the rat in the health and fitness, but a good example, like we use the start of this video. If you’re semi professional athlete or professional athlete like our friend master trainer James Kelly, and he’s eating this for breakfast, you’re going to get away with it because you’re training hard.

You’re doing three, four, five, six hours of cardio a day. But for the average punter, the average person watching this wanting to lose their 10, 20, 30 odd kilos, pseudo health food, my friends will not be your friends. It wreaks havoc on the bloodstream, on the blood glucose rather. Um, and it’s just gonna. It’s gonna sit you behind the eight ball. You really want to get that insulin sensitive state rather than being insulin resistant. And you can measure that very objectively through blood glucose monitoring. Um, go to your GP and ask for a fostered insulin test or a foster blood glucose tests. See what you’re at, you want to be in those healthy norms and you know, I suppose not even just healthy norm, you want to be in the optimal norms so your body can utilize the glucose that’s coming into muscle instead of it going to the fat cell.

So folks, I hope you’ve enjoyed this video. Hope there’s been some takeaways. Let me know on facebook, our page is enterprise fitness Melbourne and you can also check me out on my mark a topiary page, which is my own page that you can enjoy my rants there. Till next time folks, make sure, make sure, make sure you subscribe to us on Youtube. We have weekly videos, weekly rants, how to exercises and everything in between, including a great show called the wolf sten where I look at the world performers in the world of health and fitness and I interview them for one to two hours and they really give us the best of the best knowledge. So definitely check that that’s on this page. On this channel. On Youtube we’ve got Tony Dod and Andrew Luck sebastain or, and Dwayne, Allie, uh, still to come. And there’s some other big names that I’ll be interviewing very, very soon, so definitely you want to subscribe to that. Get on our email list, visit [email protected] and leave your details. You get our weekly enterprise level up, which is loaded with great tips each and every single week. And again, on our youtube we do give out new videos each and every single week. So check us out on Insta like us on facebook. And uh, stay tuned for more till next time, train hard stuff, supplement smart and eat well.


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