Eoin Lacey on Wolf’s Den Podcast

Wolf’s Den by Enterprise Fitness – Guest: Eoin Lacey   In this episode of the Wolf’s Den by Enterprise Fitness, I talk about training, nutrition and business with Eoin Lacey from the Irish Strength Institute.  I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with Eoin. We touched on a little of everything. From the old PICP days, training, nutrition, […]

Why Nutrition Matters; Breaking Diet Dogma

In this episode, Mark is joined by Enterprise Master Coach and Nutritionist, Marshall Tan.    These two get into some interesting and personal conversations on their beliefs and battles with food and the whole diet industry. Topics include:  Addressing diet cultism and their leaders  Eating disorders amongst physique competitors  The cultural connection to food and […]

The Whole Soy Story with Kaayla Daniel

Soy is the poster child for pseudo health foods. High in protein, low in saturated fat and supposedly has the ability to feed the world. What health conscious, eco-activist wouldn’t want soy on their plate?  An educated one. Kaayla Daniel, the author of The Whole Soy Story, is one of the industry’s leading authorities on […]

Wolf’s Den With Hypnotherapist Forest Toime: Self-Sabotaging Your Diet

Why do we self-sabotage?    You’ve nailed your diet and training Monday AND Tuesday, woop! You’re off to a flying start. It’s Wednesday, you ended up working a 12-hour shift, you’re tired and cranky, and just can’t be bothered to cook. You know what you deserve? Pizza! You order yourself a large Domino’s and […]

An Adult Conversation About Going Vegan & Eating Meat

An adult conversation between a meat-eater and a vegan?! Plant-based thought leader, Jeremy Evans, and Mark do the impossible in our new Wolf’s Den episode.  Since the release of the Netflix documentary, The Game Changers, the uproar on giving up meat has returned with a vengeance. These documentaries create nothing but hysteria and confusion, so […]