I did 100 Sessions of Hot Yoga in 3 months…

  One of the key factors that sets Enterprise Fitness apart from other fitness studios is their emphasis on personalized coaching. Every client who joins the studio is given a customized training program that is tailored to their individual needs and goals. This personalized approach ensures that each client is getting the most out of […]

Top Transformations of 2021

Clients who worked hard to achieve their body goals in 2021! With a whirlwind of lockdowns, going through gym training, garage training, home training or park training, many of our clients did not have it easy but still achieved killer transformations nonetheless. Check out some of our top transformations from this year (in no particular […]

ICN Season B Competition

Enterprise Fitness at ICN Victoria Competitions! Recently, six of our Enterprise clients competed in the ICN Season B Competition. Despite all the uncertainty around lockdowns and whether the competitions were going forth, these competitors persisted through and worked on their goal with the firm belief – until they finally reached their goal of competing.  Check […]

Clients Competing in the ICN Competition

About to Bring Their Best On Stage Our trainers and clients have been working hard to bring their very best to the ICN COMPETITION this coming weekend. After six gruelling lockdowns and countless months of uncertainty, it’s finally here. Here are the champions who will be taking part: Ree Luke Ming Jordan Alex (Men’s Fitness) […]

8 Head Turning Male Transformations in 2021

8 Personal Training Clients Who Hit Their Goals at Enterprise Fitness Check out these killer male transformations for the first half of this year (in no particular order, as these gentlemen all worked incredibly hard to achieve their goals): Esa – Dropped 9.9% body fat  With a background in powerlifting, Esa came to Enterprise Fitness […]

Females Who Had Life Changing Transformations in 2021

They started their year right by transforming their bodies! The first half of the year has seen some mind-blowing female transformations from our trainers at Enterprise Fitness. Here are five hard-working Enterprise clients who transformed their bodies (in no particular order as these ladies all worked amazingly hard!): 1. Tina – Astounding Lockdown Transformation  A […]

Enterprise Fitness Featured on Sky News – Re-opening Gyms

Re-opening Gyms as a Solution to Mental Health Crises During Lockdown Periods “The government, both federal and state, talk about mental health budgets and helping with mental health – I think what would be great for that is letting a business like ours get our doors back open.” – With the rise in mental health […]

Harry Garside Making it to the 2021 Tokyo Olympics

A huge congratulations to Harry Garside for making it to the Olympics! In December 2018, Senior Coach Amy Crooke wrote a blog about her work with Harry towards the 2018 Commonwealth Games Gold. Fast forward 2 and a half years and they have been working non-stop at Enterprise Fitness, towards an even bigger picture: Tokyo Olympics. A few […]

The Enterprise Fitness Team Culture

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work at Enterprise Fitness – Melbourne’s Premiere Personal Training Studio? We have our staff give you their perspective in this #BehindTheScenes video here: The Enterprise Fitness Company Values are: Excellence Innovation Knowledge Leadership Trust Dedication These are not just words we have framed on our wall, but […]

Ken Smith – Transformation

Client Online Transformation – Enterprise Fitness Ken Smith Online Training Case Study Ken trained online with Enterprise online for 11 weeks. Starting Stats (Dexa scan): 65.6 kg 13.7% Body fat 31.9kg Lean body mass Post 10 weeks (Dexa Scan): 62.8 kg 9.3% Body fat 32.3 kg Lean Body Mass   As the stats show, Ken […]