Advanced Detoxification and Muscle Testing – Enterprise Fitness Podcast

The Enterprise Fitness Podcast

In this episode of the Enterprise Fitness podcast, we discuss: The differences between standard muscle testing and NRT Detoxification rules How to improve your supplementation today and much more! About Bob: Bob holds a Master’s of Science in Applied Clinical Nutrition and has been in private practice for 9 years.  Bob uniquely integrates his knowledge […]

Heavy Metal 101 – The Enterprise Fitness Podcast

The Enterprise Fitness Podcast

In the health, fitness and wellness game there are a heck of a lot of opinions…Today’s podcast is not based on opinion, popular science or supplement sales. It’s the cold hard truth about how to detox heavy metals packaged in a neat hour-long podcast Enterprise Fitness style. You’ll learn about: Heavy metal toxicity and best […]

Trying to Make Sense of Muscle Testing For the First Time

Diving straight into it – what is it? Some people say that muscle testing is a way to ask your body’s ‘subconscious mind’ for answers. But this doesn’t fully explain what muscle testing actually does. For a clearer explanation, it’s a non-invasive technique that tests the body’s autonomic (involuntary) nervous system and its responses to […]

Hit A Plateau But Can’t Tell Why?

Maybe it’s your nutrition. Or supplementation (or lack of it). Or your daily dose of common toxins (including parabens, BPA, arsenic, petroleum, which can be found in everyday items!)   Muscle testing is a quick, non-invasive tool that can give you the answers. It relies on applied kinesiology to determine nutrients, foods and supplements that […]

Are You Competing Soon But Don’t Think You’re Stage Ready?

As a competitor, you NEVER switch off, you devote 110% to your training, nutrition and supplementation day in day out. You’ve got that tunnel vision – you’re committed to your goals and you do everything perfectly, but you’re not progressing as you expected and you feel like there’s just that one thing, that ‘something’ that […]

Traveled More Than 24 Hours By Plane To Attend This Course

Are you sick of not getting your clients results? Fed up of having clients that are forever making excuses? Complaining that their nutrition plans are “too difficult to stick to” or they “don’t have enough time to fit in all their training sessions”. One thing that people always comment on when they are at Enterprise […]

Functional Health Leader Bob Guiel Speaks About Fad Diets

fitness competition melbourne

Last Wolf Pack course, we flew Bob Guiel down to teach the pack about‬ nutrition and supplementation (as well as a little muscle testing)… Over the next few weeks, we will be giving you an insight on the sort of quality education we provide to only the best of the best. Are you a personal […]