Brix’s Mind-blowing One Year Transformation

Meet Brix.  Body Weight: 72.6kg > 61.1kg Muscle Mass: 53.3kg > 58.1kg Body Fat: 26.6% > 6%   Brix’s transformation is an incredible example of what can be achieved with the right support and guidance on your fitness journey. When Brix first came to Enterprise Fitness, he was struggling to make progress despite his best […]

Liz Returns Back To Enterprise Fitness

    If you’re looking for inspiration to kickstart your fitness journey or get back into it after taking a break, look no further than “Liz Returns to Enterprise Fitness.” This video, presented by Enterprise Fitness, a personal training gym in Melbourne, Australia, showcases the importance of having a supportive and personalized fitness plan. The […]

I’ve dropped 3 DRESS SIZES since training here…

Meet Christianne.  Chritianne’s remarkable success in enterprise fitness is a testament to her unwavering commitment to the prescribed programs. Over the course of 18 months, she has undergone a remarkable transformation, shedding three dress sizes and experiencing a significant boost in confidence, energy levels, and mental clarity. Her impressive achievements are a true reflection of […]

Sunny’s 6 Months Transformation

Meet Sunny. Body weight: 72kg – 62kg Body fat: 26% – 15% / 257mm – 119mm Timeframe: 6 months; March to Sep ‘22 Client’s initial goal: Sunny wanted to compete from Day 1, so we committed to ICN Men’s Physique Season A Mar ‘23 and devised a 12-month plan to achieve this goal.     […]

Jordan’s preparation for his first comp

Meet Jordan, Body weight: 98kg – 86kg Body fat: 18.4% – 8.3% / 179mm – 83mm  Timeframe: Oct 2021 – Sep 2022 Client’s initial goal: Jordan wanted to compete from Day 1, so we committed to ICN Men’s Physique Season B Oct ‘22 and devised a 12-month plan to achieve this goal.   This involved […]

Nina’s 2 Years Transformation

Meet Nina, Body weight: 81kg – 71kg Body fat: From 15.8% to 5.6%. Note that she is not a ‘true’ 5.6%. The reason it’s low is because she is lean in the upper body and holds most her body fat in her legs, which Biosig does not include in the BF% calculation. Other info: 188mm […]

Let’s talk about … Breakfast!

  Breakfast doesn’t ‘stoke’ the metabolism or simply regulate blood sugar. The truth is, if you eat junk for breakfast, you’ll feel sluggish for the rest of the day, and it won’t bring you any closer to optimal body composition. What you eat first thing in the morning sets up neurochemistry for the day. If […]

Michael’s 3 Months Transformation

Meet Michael. He works full time at an investment firm and runs on a busy schedule. He started the initial nutrition plan on a 5 day a week plan at a -20% deficit and 2 refeed days at maintenance. As he had a busy work schedule, we used food 4 fitness to help with his meal prep, and then […]