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How To Do A High Bar Squat

In this video, we give you quite the run down on how to do a high bar squat. Enjoy this video and hope it helps your next leg day.


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    Transcript From High Bar Squat Video

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    In this video, we’re going to be showing you how to do a high bar squat. So the first question you’ve probably asked me is, what is a high bar squat? How does it differ from a normal squat? Well, first thing you should know, there isn’t just one type of squat. You’ve got high bar squat, you got low bar squat, you’ve even got a front squat, so if Jade without the bar just quickly just jumps in the middle here and just demonstrates a high bar squat would look like without any load.  That’s your high bar squats issues leaning forward, which we’ll fix it in a minute by elevating your heels.

    A low bar squat. On the flip side is where the hips move out. So she’s going to see your hips move out. So we’re doing a high bar squat, not a low bar squat, so it might seem like insignificant, but to the lifting community. Oh, it’s very, very, very significant in terms of loading pattern and what it’s, what it’s using. So what I’ve just popped on the floor is a basically a centimetre of rubber, which is just a cut off from gym flooring and mats. A, if you don’t have a centimetre of rubber, there are a few options you can do to elevate the heels. You can get lifters, which you basically lifting shoes, which have an elevation. I recommend the Reebok. The Nikes are good too, depending on how tall you are looking for shorter people, you’re probably better with Nikes for taller people who’ve got long leavers.

    You probably better with the Reebok crossfitters because they’re not as high or the Nike shoes are quite high. Um, alternatively you can get an off cut of rubber like we’re using here, or you can even use like a two and a half kilo plate if you’re at a big box gym. And don’t want to get yourself a pair of lifters. Luke, I do recommend getting some lifters if you are serious about your training. So which most of the people watching this I imagine are. So we’re going to pop them on the floor, that’s going to allow jade a better position because really one of the focuses on a high bar squat is the hamstring covering the calf, so you can’t see daylight and also the means coming over the toes, which is more of an athletic type of movement in terms of the squat, especially for like tennis, soccer, football, or really anything where the knee’s gonna come out over the toe, which is pretty much every sport, uh, this is how I would be getting people to squat probably 80 percent of the time.

    So Jane’s is going to go ahead and, um, get in position or 70 to 80 percent of the time because the front squats would be a big part of that as well. So she’s going to grab the bar. A high bar, it’s always hands as close as flexibility allows. So you want their hands to be quite close. She’s going to get in upper body, upper back is going to be nice and tight. So she’s essentially a resting that bar where the padding is of a traps. Now, another thing I want to note on this is you are never, ever, ever, ever, ever to use one of those pads, those pads, what they do, just for a sec, relax, jade, is what you could imagine is if I put my fist there right, so the bar is now offset, or if this was a pad, the bars offset and it’s not loading correctly, so the load is is a dissipated in the l four l five and it creates a lot of instability and movements, so you want to be using a pad.

    It’s actually bad for the lower back because it’s this bar is too far out. You need it close in the center of gravity as close to the center of gravity as possible, so don’t use a pad. It might hurt if it’s the first time squatting, but get over it. It won’t hurt you. Develop some traps, squat the right way, don’t use a pad and also don’t squat in a Smith machine because the spawn is locked into position and the spine at the top. As you come down, it wants to basically flare out a little bit and because what happens above needs to correlate below when you’re in a Smith machine, the spines essentially locked in any load. What will happen is the pelvis will tuck under and that load will be directed in one part, they exactly what Jane’s is doing and that’s where people can bulged discs and really hurt themselves.

    So I really do not recommend squatting in a Smith machine. So grab that jade, and if you need instruction, enlist the, uh, the qualifications of a proper coach who understands what I’m talking about. And if you need a hand, obviously you come here at enterprise fitness. So first thing that’s going to move when jade is doing this is her knees, so knees move forward first. And then also moving out. Knees are out and forward, out and forward, out and forward, out and fort. That’s perfect. And she comes straight up not as something else that she’s doing that is very, very crucial. This come down jade, and just kind of relax at the bottom, completely relaxed. Yet she’s not relaxing, right? She’s not just letting her body flop, she stays nice and tight. Okay, so back up, and let’s do another. A better one. So stay nice and tight as you do this.

    So see, her chest is up nice and tall. She’s pulling her, lets down into her armpits. Everything is super, super tight. And backup. We also want a solid tempo when we’re doing this. So four, three, two, one, pair up. Good. Four, three, two, one. Power up at one more. Four, three, two, one. Power Up. There must be a tempo component to this. If the tempo is not there, you’re simply doing it wrong. Do it with no temperature, just drop, drop into it. Okay, so what will happen when people drop into it is their pelvis will tuck under. Now there are some power lifters who will use basically the stretch reflex for a low bar squat. This isn’t that. This is to prepare you. We’re not talking about stretch reflex here. We’re developing strength. This is the base of the pyramid that creates the athletic load.

    Do not try and do stretch reflex if you are not qualified or a decent squatter. You want to build a great base using this kind of squatting before you move into stretch reflex. I hope this video helps you on your way to squatting. Obviously, there are many different types of squatting, but this does cover the high bar squat directly. If you want more great technique tips that punch you in the face with inflammation, do subscribe to us on Youtube. It’s enterprise fitness. If you need a hand with your training, reach out to us. It’s Thanks for watching.

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