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Pseudo Health Protein Bars

In this video, we cover why protein bars are a not so healthy snack.

Protein bars are often made with poor quality protein powders, mainly soy protein, often making them difficult to digest which in turn can cause digestive issues. Usually the ‘great’ tasting bars are loaded with all sorts of artificial flavours and sweeteners.

Enjoy the video…


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Transcript From Pseudo Health Protein Bars Video

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Hey folks, it’s Mark Ottobre back to punch you in the face with information, but in a good way. Today we are going to be reviewing more pseudo-health foods. In this episode, we’re going to be looking at protein bars and I don’t mean these brands specifically, but protein bars is often something that a lot of our clients come to us with. And a lot of people looking to lose weight, build muscle, getting shape.

It’s, it’s low fat, it’s low sugar. There’s 20 grams of protein in this, there are eight vitamins. It’s like, wow, this is a super food. It’s not, it’s a protein bar as three grams of sugar. Oh Wow. Only three grams of sugar, 20 grams of protein. This is marketed as a free lunch, except it’s not really good to have for lunch.

You got to excuse my dad jokes. I think I’m funny.

So if we really look at the breakdown of either one of these bars, let’s start with this bar. If we look at the first ingredient, it’s a soy protein. Now soy protein is notoriously hard to digest for people and it’s not a great food, so you’ve got to understand people with digestive issues. This is really going to cause a lot of distress and something that they definitely want to avoid. Now you can look at this purely from a caloric point of view with, Oh, you know, it fits your macros, that kind of thing. But myself, I’ve always been more concerned with health rather than just fitting in macro, so if something doesn’t digest well, it’s not going to give you a great result. It’s going to make me feel like crap and who wants to feel like crap every day.

Again, if you look at soy and as many good books written about the problems with soy and as many studies showing the problems of soil. Let’s take for example, Kayla diva den Daniel’s book, the whole story she highlights and same as Weston a price foundation. They highlight a lot of different issues with soy, whether it’s that it just the over consumption of of soy, for example, 35 grams in average diet when people are adding additives to their diet which causes problems or the processing of soy or the fact that it’s estrogenic, all that. It’s. It’s a fermented in mechanisms that’s in high manganese. Magna needs a convenient or toxic as well and throw off other things so it also can affect thyroid and there were a lot of, I suppose people who’ve written much better articles than I have on this topic, which you can check out.

So soy is a problem and I do find people eliminating soy from the Diet, going cold Turkey do start to move the fat, shift the belly fat, shift the leg fat, start getting Lena, and also more importantly, they start feeling better because of the digestive upset when soy is consumed. So first ingredient, and when you’re reading food labels, one thing you do want to know is that the first ingredient is the main ingredient, right? It goes in order of constitution. So the first ingredient, second ingredient, second grade into second thing that is in this, uh, the most, if that makes sense. So we’ve got soy protein, another protein isolate more is white protein concentrate. For some folks, the whey protein concentrate might be an issue and then we have it says no added sugar. There is some dark chocolate. So folks with any, I suppose a distress with dairy or things like this, they may have more upset there.

What else we got? This is fairly hard to read. Mulatto emulsifier, uh, and then just a list of sober tool, etc. Etc. Which mainly just artificial swEetness is, is what the rest of this country consists of. So it’s not a lot of, I suppose natural is a word that gets thrown around a lot and really anything can be natural. And if you look at snakes but natural, a loWly company for example, that’s classified as natural, but this isn’t a, you gotta remember this is made in a lab, right? Your protein powders and made in a lab they made with synthetic, for lack of a better word, synthetic sweeteners to create a taste that your brain says is delicious. Now, is it all bad? No. Can some people have them? Yes. Are there better choices out there? I suppose my take on it is if you want optimal health, this is not the way to go about it.

Yeah, you need. You don’t want to be looking at these things as alternatives to food or even alternatives to chocolate bars. I mean, my take honestly, you know the base or a chocolate bar. I would rather have a chocolate bar, but again, I need to quantify what I mean by chocolate. For me, dark chocolate, 85 percent, 90 percent. Dark chocolate is what I classify as chocolate. I don’t classify milk chocolate. It’s too sweet. Number one, I don’t like it. I don’t enjoy it, but that’s when I think about chocolate. I think about the real stuff, not the pseudo stuff that’s been over sweetened to tell our taste buds that it’s delicious. Get an affinity for the love of food, the love of cooking and different tastes, the way different textures tastes together. When something’s made in a lab and you’re used to eating natural foods, you taste it, tastes fake.

It doesn’t taste the same, so the other thing, if you speak to any good coral with rectal surgeon, they’ll often tell you stories about problems with whey protein specifically and protein powders. People over consuming them and then ending up in hard clunks in people’s colon, which then surgically sometimes they have to go in and remove it if it’s, if it’s a major issue in which can cause things like hemorrhoids and straining when they go to the toilet. Constipation and a whole host of digestive issues. So my friends, I’ve said this on videos before, it’s all about context versus content. If you’re regularly having protein powders and your you know in the shape that you want to be, well look more power to you. If it’s working, do it. You don’t need to change anything, but if you’ve got digestive distress, you’re not where you want to be.

These are not your friends. Don’t have them. See you later, so I hope you’ve enjoyed this video. My name is mark [inaudible]. Please check us out online. It’s melbourne personal, and of course if you’re watching this on youtube or on facebook, please subscribe to us on youtube. We have weekly videoS every single week obviously because they weekly videos the but they’re great videos and everything and anything from training and exercises to interviews that I’ve done with tony dodi. Andrew locks the best in our road. Dwayne, allie, on mindset. We’ve got some great interviews on there. I’ll give you some more rant and insights like this and inside the gym of us actually training clients and some client results and see how we do it and how we get the amazing results we do at enterprise fitness. So my friends, untIl next time, train hard supplements, smart and eat well.

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