Top Transformations For The Month

We are excited to share the latest transformations achieved by our clients. As a trusted leader in the fitness industry, Enterprise Fitness is dedicated to helping individuals achieve their goals and improve their lives through fitness. We are honored to be a part of our clients’ fitness journeys and are committed to providing them with […]

Enterprise Transformation of the Month

This month has seen some truly remarkable transformations, which are a testament to the hard work and dedication of our trainers and clients. We are thrilled to showcase their progress and celebrate their achievements through the inspiring photos below.               We want to extend a sincere congratulations to all […]

Yi’s Outstanding 9 Months Transformation

Meet Yi.  Yi successfully accomplished an impressive 11% reduction in body fat and shed 8 kilograms in weight. His accomplishment can be attributed to his dedication in maintaining a rigorous workout regimen of four sessions per week, as well as adhering to a customised nutrition and lifestyle plan that effectively accommodated his busy schedule as […]

The BACKFLIP FAIL that changed our lives….

I thought it would be fitting to send you a love story (of sorts) being Valentine’s Day – plus it’s way cheaper than flowers 😅 Meet Jonno and Sarah. Jonno, with an extensive dance background, was at a wedding and decided to dust off his dancing shoes and do an epic backflip (fail). As Sarah […]

Transformation for Over 40 Male

Meet Johan. Stats BEFORE: 115kg AFTER: 102.5kg (corrected, just double checked his tracker) -12.5kg   Here are Johan’s initial goals: Reduce body fat and get into the low 100s Improve his energy, sleep, and overall wellness for life inside and outside the gym Learn to manage stress from his busy work schedule Introduce direction with […]

Jayson Transformation

Powering up at Enterprise Jayson sought Enterprise with the goal of improving his body composition. Like many, the lockdown situation across 2020 also impacted his ability to train consistently and make strides towards optimal health and performance. The demands of multiple jobs and general life also informed Jayson’s decision to make his health a greater […]

Clare’s Epic Transformation

Becoming Fitter and Stronger Clare came to Enterprise Fitness wanting to get stronger and be fitter. She has been training with Enterprise for over a year, and after many months of training and consistently sticking to her diet, she achieved her results! Here are Clare’s results at a glance: Lean mass: 42.8kg > 47.1kg (Gained […]

Top Transformations of 2021

Clients who worked hard to achieve their body goals in 2021! With a whirlwind of lockdowns, going through gym training, garage training, home training or park training, many of our clients did not have it easy but still achieved killer transformations nonetheless. Check out some of our top transformations from this year (in no particular […]

Daniel – Epic Tranformation through Six Lockdowns

Falling in Love with Training Daniel came to Enterprise Fitness wanting to build muscle and become a better version of himself, and so he did! His determination and perseverance helped him push through six lockdowns to achieve his goal. Here are his results: Starting Weight: 79.2 Starting Body Fat: 25.2 % Final Weight: 69.3 Final […]