How to do a 1 and 1/4 Lunges

1 and 1/4 lunge

In this video, Mark Ottobre shows you how to 1 and 1/4 Lunges the right way. For a murderous leg pump, try these- just ensure you do them with control and poise.  Jade demonstrates them beautifully in this video.  Related Posts How To Do Rear Delt Raises How To Do High Bar Squat Pseudo […]

Bodyweight Squats As A Screening Tool

Structural Screening

A bodyweight squat is used to assess how someone moves at the most basic level. Avoid overly giving instructions. How they move will also tell you much about how they think it should look like. Things To Watch For The gold standard is hamstring touching calves. A quarter or half squat is considered problematic and […]

The Enterprise Members Site

We’ve been working hard at Enterprise to bring our members an exclusive members only website. The site contents hours of exclusive education from the team and I at Enterprise, as well as an exercise library to review how to get the most out of your program. If your a member and haven’t check this out, […]

Nutrition for Bodybuilders – How Not To Just Get Fat

Bodybuilding Nutrition

Enjoy this full presenation on Nutrition for Bodybuilders by Enterprise Coach, Reece Adams. For convenience, the full transcription is below with timestamps to each segment: Mark Ottobre:                     00:00:00               Alright, welcome back to Wolfpack, April edition. Reece obviously presented in February on macros, and you all seemed to have very much enjoy that. He’s back today […]

Calorie Mountain Analogy

Calorie Mountain

  Getting leaner is not just about slashing calories or increasing cardio. You can do them only in the short term, but you’ll soon find yourself crashing, quitting, bingeing. You might even blame it on a ‘lack of willpower’. And you’re not alone. Many people go through yo-yo diets, obsess over the number on the […]

The Truth About Training – How It Actually Works

bio signature

Whether you’re a powerlifter, competitor, athlete, personal trainer, or just training for optimal functional health, we’ve got you covered. Watch this video where Mark explains a few universal training principles that can be applied for most people, including you! Related Posts: 4 Cues For the Perfect Push Up The Reason Why We Will NEVER Offer […]

The Devastating Truth About Your Nutrition

Sometimes eating is more of a mental challenge rather than a physical one. We get it – eating healthy is simple, and should be enjoyable! But between society’s definition of ‘normal eating’ and emotional attachments to food, it’s amazing how we can make it seem so complicated. Watch this video as Mark breaks down concepts […]

Are You A Fitness Professional Or A Fitness Enthusiast?

vegan personal trainer

Some people basically live in the gym because they have a passion for health and fitness. They have more running shoes or gymwear than ‘normal clothes’. They’d rather spend 3 hours pumping iron than watching a movie… Then there’s some that are in it for something bigger – they want to build a career and […]

Hit A Plateau But Can’t Tell Why?

Maybe it’s your nutrition. Or supplementation (or lack of it). Or your daily dose of common toxins (including parabens, BPA, arsenic, petroleum, which can be found in everyday items!)   Muscle testing is a quick, non-invasive tool that can give you the answers. It relies on applied kinesiology to determine nutrients, foods and supplements that […]

Chance of a Lifetime to Revolutionise Your Business and Professional Life

For the first time ever, Mark will be holding a 2-day intensive course outside of his Wolfpack Mentoring Program, sharing his business philosophies and experiences that will Improve your training, nutrition and behavioural coaching Challenge your beliefs and reevaluate your core business values Systematize your business to effectively generate and convert leads … Ultimately raising […]