Mark Ottobre’s 3AW Radio Interview

Mark Ottobre’s 3AW Radio Interview   Mark Ottobre spoke to Tom Elliott from 3AW radio about reclassifying Personal Trainers, Myotherapist and Naturopaths as part of the Allied Health services the Victorian government has allowed to get back to work.   Mark asks the question, are we really so different? Exercise psychologists and physiotherapists right now […]

Dear Premier Andrews and the Labor Government

Dear Premier Andrews and the Labor Government, I contact you on behalf of Personal Trainers across Victoria. Our industry, like many others, is facing catastrophe at the hands of COVID-19 and the extended lockdown across Victoria. In Melbourne, Personal Trainers have ceased operations since the 23rd of March. While it is a breath of fresh […]

Body Dysmorphia

Flat bum. Small calves. Thick thighs… Do you tear yourself down with self criticism? Then WATCH THIS as head coach Mark Ottobre said in this short clip, “the quality of your life is based on the quality of questions that you ask.” Is this something that you struggle with? Let us know! Related Posts Glute […]

Paleo, Intermittent Fasting, Raw Foodism… – The Enterprise Fitness Podcast

The Enterprise Fitness Podcast

 We have all heard of the Paleo diet, and today’s guest on the Enterprise Fitness podcast is one of the kings and original thinkers of the whole paleo movement – Dr Art De Vanny. Learn about: Why the post work out window is complete nonsense Why you should train hungry Intermittent fasting – and why […]

Heavy Metal 101 – The Enterprise Fitness Podcast

The Enterprise Fitness Podcast

In the health, fitness and wellness game there are a heck of a lot of opinions…Today’s podcast is not based on opinion, popular science or supplement sales. It’s the cold hard truth about how to detox heavy metals packaged in a neat hour-long podcast Enterprise Fitness style. You’ll learn about: Heavy metal toxicity and best […]

Calorie Mountain Analogy

Calorie Mountain

  Getting leaner is not just about slashing calories or increasing cardio. You can do them only in the short term, but you’ll soon find yourself crashing, quitting, bingeing. You might even blame it on a ‘lack of willpower’. And you’re not alone. Many people go through yo-yo diets, obsess over the number on the […]

The Consequences Of A Low Fat Diet – The Enterprise Podcast

The Enterprise Fitness Podcast

 This is a show that dispels the mainstream facts about cholesterol, dietary fat, and heart disease; and the unintended consequences of a low fat diet. Listen in as head coach, Mark Ottobre interviews Alan Watson, the author of Cereal Killer and 21 days to a Healthy Heart,as they uncover: The health risks of a low […]

Dr Jonny Bowden – How To Eat & Think Yourself Healthy

Jonny Bowden

 Dr Jonny Bowden is The Rogue Nutritionist. Author of multiple best-selling books, and a leading professional in health, fitness & nutrition in America, and throughout the world. As a well-read and long time fan of Johnny, Mark’s own work, knowledge and nutritional philosophy have been influenced by Dr Bowden. This podcast is a must-listen […]

Training Principles for A Pro Winner’s Physique

Kate's Transformation

Remember Enterprise member, Kate Keown’s epic win at the ICN Melbourne Pro Show last year? This show had us hanging in our seats… She was the 3rd girl to make her debut in the Pro Fitness Model lineup of 17 INCREDIBLE girls. It was a grueling, nail biting performance as the judges spent more than […]

Muscle, Smoke and Mirrors – Enterprise Fitness Podcast

The Enterprise Fitness Podcast

In today’s episode of the Enterprise Fitness Podcast, we interview guest speaker, Randy Roach, author of Muscle, Smoke and Mirrors, a phenomenal book about the history and origins of nutrition and bodybuilding. Randy has been studying nutrition for over 30 years. He has studied its origins and its roots, the formation and ultimately its political corruption. […]