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What are the best lab testing methods for toxins, plastics, heavy metals etc?

What are the best lab testing methods for toxins, plastics, heavy metals etc? – Eugene Levrone Teo

Answer by Mark:

This question is kind of easy to answer and kind of hard. Tests are one thing (easy to answer). Interpretation is an entirely separate topic.

So let’s start with tests.

For plastics, we use organic acid testing with the environmental pollutants panel. Listen to this podcast I did with Mark Schauss for more information.

For heavy metals, you can use a hair mineral analysis test, combined with a liver challenge test. Listen to this podcast I did with Dr. Bruce Jones for more information.

Other blood chemistry markers that are indicative of a heavy metal burden in the body, and/or chemical toxicity include:

  • Elevated kidney markers
  • Low haemaglobin count
  • Low red blood cell production
  • Electrolyte imbalances
  • Decreased platelets and
  • Thyroid abnormalities

With that said, testing can be somewhat misguided. You can have two practitioners read the same results but come up with different answers. Why? Interpretation.

The most important take home message is that you work with someone who requires you to complete a comprehensive health history BEFORE spending money on testing. This should be used as a guide for the practitioner as to which test would be most appropriate based on the clients needs. This is exactly what my wife Kristine does (Kristine runs the Functional Health Services here are Enterprise Fitness).

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And if you’d like to learn more, here’s some more information about some specific blood markers:

Vitamin D

If it’s low, you can’t detox optimally and the oxidation of fat, or fat loss is hindered (as it is a detoxification process). Low vitamin D is usually associated with low energy and general fatigue but it is certainly not the only cause (Remember correlation is not causation).

Vitamin D testing is so basic it’s almost annoying. Before spending money on any tests like organic acids, or hair mineral or trying to do anything fancy, make sure their vitamin D is within ‘range’. If you have read my prior articles, you will know what I mean when I say ‘within range’. If not, why haven’t you been reading my articles? (They’re awesome!)


If this is high, the client has been eating poorly for a long time. This is a long-term marker of blood glucose. This is also the lie detector test with clients. This marker will not change in a week. It takes time. It should be on the low end of normal.

If it’s out of range, a low carb diet, magnesium and fish oil are your friends.

RBC zinc

This is an indicator of androgens (and everything that zinc helps in, including, HCl production, hair, skin, nails, immune system).

More people than you might think come back within optimal range. I was actually surprised the first couple of times seeing people within optimal ranges from their first test.

This test should cost about $55. It cannot get bulk billed in Melbourne, Australia.

RBC magnesium
Is an indicator of Insulin sensitivity and recovery (and every chemical process that magnesium helps in, which is over 300). I am yet to see anyone within an optimal range.

This will also cost about $55 and cannot get bulk billed in Melbourne, Australia.

Fasted insulin

In a phrase: How the body responds to carbohydrates.

Fasted glucose

In a phrase: How much carbohydrate one eats.

Challenged insulin test

How well the body can get rid of blood glucose. Eg. If fasted insulin and fasted glucose are normal and this marker is high, it shows that the body freaks out at the sight of glucose. In other words, don’t consume carbs.

Methylator test – Methylation is the ‘mother’ process in the body and helps a lot more than detoxification. You can get variations of the genes tested. I like to lab test clients; it’s a little more convincing than the asparagus test.

This should also cost around $55 to test.

If you would like to learn more, or ask a functional health practitioner to recommend some lab tests based on your health and help you interpret them, please contact [email protected] for more information.


Mark Ottobre

Owner and Director

Enterprise Fitness

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