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Transcript From Adrian Faranda’s Peak Week video.

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Peak week is pretty much just the combination of the entire process. I mean, we’ve done a building phase, we’ve done a dieting down phase and the peak week is to essentially preparing for that one day, to make you look the best you can, with what you have at the time. It’s like peak week is nothing without all that preparation beforehand.

I was just all about following the process for me. It was just like sticking to the plan, trusting in my coach; Liam Fitzgerald, who’s an amazing coach. In fact, he actually works here at Enterprise, which is fortunate enough.

Yeah, working with Adrian was quite good. The good thing about this prep compared to other preps was that I saw Adrian everyday.

I visually checked in how he was going, how he was feeling, how he was looking. I could tell if he was following the plan, where he was at, so it kinda made it a bit easier.

Liam spent a good four hours on the plan, just sitting down and even taking me through it, where it was just, you’re doing X, you’re drinking X on this day, you’re eating X on this day and then we’re building you up on this day and then we’re doing this on that day. Pretty much from every single meal was down to a tee.

Day three of peak week. Last day of depletion before a big re-feed tomorrow, so no carbs today. I’m just brewing my morning coffee, probably one of about seven today. Over here, I’ve got cooking, my kangaroo mince and stew, delicious.

I picked kangaroo mince the last week, ’cause it’s just a leaner meat. I just like kangaroo. I mean, what better way to celebrate living in the Country than eating your Coat of Arms. There’s no better meat for it. Kangaroo; very sustainable meat, lean, delicious.

My sons meal, some oats and berries. He’s actually getting more carbohydrates than me today. I’m doing some solid parenting in distracting him with YouTube videos of trucks. Yeah.

Prepping is definitely a pretty selfish process. It’s very, kind of all about you but I try to let as little of that bleed into my family life as possible and I think support network at home is probably the most crucial and explaining that to the people around you, how that’s going to affect you and how that’s going to affect them, so they have a better understanding, so it’s not a surprise when you kind of need to run out and go for a run. But I was like, I was getting up early, before my wife and kid would wake up, to do my morning cardio, or I’d try and get sessions in, just around times that didn’t affect them as much.

Day three of prep week. Waking up at 5:00 am to go for a run. I’m still coming in pretty good. Yeah, we’re getting there.

Day three of peak week. Getting some morning cardio in. As you can see it’s quite lively here at [inaudible 00:03:16] beach. It’s thriving this time of the morning with all the other [inaudible 00:03:23] people that are around and the most I do is running, just ’cause it’s time efficient. Fucking sucks, but we’re just trying to burn that last bit of energy, calories, heading into the comp. I better get back to it.

Probably the comments from people, I would say, stood out to me. It’s probably the one that comes most annoying, especially people who don’t understand the process as well. It was probably like … especially ’cause when you start to lose a lot of fluid and things like that, the face tends to become a bit more drawn, so you get the comments and the last thing a bodybuilder needs to hear is, ‘oh my God, you look so skinny.’ You’re like, ‘motherfucker.’

It’s like the worst thing you could say to someone during this process and it was probably about, maybe about four or five weeks in to the cutting phase, I started to feel a bit smaller and that was kinda playing on me a bit and for a while there, it was kinda post Christmas and I’d dropped a fair bit of weight and I was just feeling pretty small and I was like, ‘Fuck, this is getting tough. I think I might pull the pin here.’

I was actually walking down the street, along Swan Street and Church, just waiting at the lights and this random wog dude just walks past me and he goes, ‘Hey bro, looking pretty good man.’ I was like, ‘Aw, thanks bro.’ It was probably the greatest day of my life. I think that guy doesn’t realize how much that actually turned my process around. I was like, okay, we’re doing all right here and he was just like, yeah, keep it up and he just walks off. I was like cool. That whole process just kicked me into gear. That was pretty funny. Just a nice little comment from some stranger, kind of kept me going along. That was pretty funny.

Morning of day four of peak week. I’ve hit my lowest weight in history. 80.1 kilos. December 2017, I was weighing in at 100 kilos. Just realizing now that I’ve lost 20 kilos. That’s quite a substantial amount to drop. Feeling pretty flat this morning, no carbohydrates, so we’re gonna see a comparison from this morning to this evening, after I load up on about 500 grams of carb, macro weight too. Should be interesting.

Today’s going to be my high carb day. I’m starting the day off with 500 grams of cyclic dextrin, fast absorbing, slow release protein and I’ve got beautiful amount of rice with my stew this morning. Today should be a good day. I was feeling exhausted by the end of yesterday. It was my third day with no carbs in my diet. It was disgusting. I’d never recommend it. I don’t know how these Keto fucks manage it. It’s gross. Yeah, looking forward to loading up today and we’ll see how full my muscles look by the end of today.

I think it was brilliant. Liam was a really good coach. He did a lot for me, had a lot of support. Probably the best thing, he knew how to interact with me. There was one day, I was just bitching about how everything was too tough and he just told me to shut the fuck up, essentially and I just go on with it and that was another good turning point for me.

There was one time when he complained a lot and I was like, ‘Just shut the fuck up.’

That was literally how that conversation went and I was like, ‘oh yeah, cheers man, cool.’ I’ll just get on with it.

We get there on the day, just register, check-in. Just went through the process. Pretty smooth day going in, really. Then we just touch up some of the tan, another coat applied there, to be as dark as possible for whatever reason and then it was just pumping up, getting ready for the first shot.

How do you think he looks?

I think he looks pretty good. Are you proud?

Yeah, it’s been a long prep; 36 weeks. Spent about 12 weeks building baseline calories up, finding out what foods worked for him, what foods don’t work and then about 20 weeks dieting down, so yeah it’s coming quite late.

There needs to be some sort of agreement where we just dial back the tans, just a little, bit so we’re not so dark and ridiculous, ’cause I feel that took away from it, to be honest more than anything. Just the process of getting tan was the most annoying part of this entire process by far, that three days of getting like three coats of the darkest tan possible was probably the worst experience of my life.

As your about to go on, what are your thoughts?

Just thinking about win. All I do is win. [crosstalk 00:08:20]. What you got?

You nervous?

No. Of course not. Why would I be?

So you’re not nervous?

I am a little bit nervous. I think it’s a combination of all the sugar that I’ve just been having here from the jam, maple syrup, straight dextrose pack. All that. I don’t know if it’s jitters from that or nerves, maybe a combination of both.

Stage process was … yeah that was pretty fun. It was good because it isn’t a first timers event, so everyone backstage is also shitting themselves and that probably made me feel a bit more comfortable, when everyone else got nervous, I just tend to get a bit calmer, so I was like, ‘okay, everyone else is in the same boat.’ That’s all I kept reminding myself. That’s probably the best way of getting into it, the first time I wasn’t against a whole heap of experienced athletes, so it was like there was nothing really to be intimidated about. Then we just go onstage and then get called through the routine and I freakin’ felt like they held us up there for about 40 minutes.

Apparently I did quite well in the posing. I felt like I was shaking like a leaf, but apparently not as bad as others. As long as someone else is shaking more, I guess that’s better.

Yeah, well I was pretty happy with what I did. I placed in both events and very competitive. Just looking forward to seeing the Judge’s feedback and what we’ll need to do for next time. Definitely will be a next time, but I want to spend a good 12, 18 months building. I think a lot of people tend to jump from comp to comp, without having an actual process of kind of getting bigger. It is ICN, so I compete natural, so it does take a bit more time to put on size, as opposed to other federations.

It was good fun and I really enjoyed, more the process part of it, and just gonna, kind of work my way around the tan, which is the most annoying part of it. The day is just a combination of it. The day really, for me, wasn’t that big of a deal. It was more about the excitement of the process and the training, the nutrition, the discipline of it was probably the best thing.

This process applies to every single client we have here that is, in terms of, wants to put on size, wants to get leaner, which most people do. They want to lose body fat. It’s just an advanced version of that. Like Mark says, it’s like all competing is, is just advanced fat loss. We’re just getting down to leaner body composition, the best possible and you just understand the process of that a lot better and the actual kind of discipline it takes and the time it takes and the thought processes have gone through it as well.

I’m on my second day of peak week now, and trying to consume five liters of water today without salt, so this is pretty much my day.

This is where I’ll be spending most of my day today. Only two and a half liters to go. Fantastic.

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