3 Best Magnesium Supplements

Not all Magnesium supplements are created equal.

In this video, we review our top 3 Magnesium supplements and explain when to use which and why.

Note: Not all Magnesium supplements are useful to assist sleep. Get the right one.

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Magn esium responsible for over 300 chemical processes in the body. Hi I’m Mark Ottobre your guide to a better body. Today I’m going to be talking about my favorite magnesium supplements to use. So these are the three that I like to use predominantly and each of them are a little bit different in the way they’re formulated and have a bit of a different use. So let’s start with the NEUROMAG. NEUROMAG is magnesium threonate. It also comes under a different brand as ZENMAG in some products, but the compound in this is magnesium threonate. The reason why this one is such a great product is it’s very awesome for lack of a better word for sleep and that’s because it can cross and be uptaken into the brain and it calms down the nervous system. So I found this very, very effective for myself as well with clients before bed.

Not all magnesium… and the thing that you to understand. People think about magnesium and they think it’s exclusively a sleep supplement. But if you look at the Krebs Cycle, for example, the chemical process of energy production, uh, and I suppose the precursors to that is you need magnesium in that. So magnesium is a mineral that is going to be used in energy production. So you need to be very aware of what type of magnesium that you’re actually taking. So case and point that magnesium threonate is going to be uptake into the brain. That one is going to help you go to sleep, calm down the nervous system, lower cortisol, and have specific effects there, whereas if we look at this one from trilogy nutrition, this is your GABAMAG. This one has magnesium lysinate, glycinate and glycerophosphate . Uh, this is a great one. This is what I recommend as a general uptake.

If someone needs more magnesium, which most people do, it’s about estimated about 98 percent of the population have magnesium deficiencies and is the most common deficiency. Often people recommend things like calcium, but you gotta remember calcium acts as a bully inside the cell and pushes magnesium out. And the last thing you want is calcium deposits in your heart. The only thing you should know about calcium, calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body because if your body needs calcium it will pull it from the bones. It’s not always, uh, you know, you have low bone density, so you need calcium. There are other factors with bone density including magnesium absorption, like vitamin D. But this video is not about calcium.

I have made videos about calcium in the past, but this one is about magnesium. And again, magnesium is often, especially for people who are training hard, probably watching this video. You’re going to need probably some magnesium. This one I liked because it’s got three different formulas and elements of magnesium in it and you know, it’s kind of, I look at it as the multivitamin of magnesium because it’s, it’s really great for a lot of different things to bring up someone’s magnesium status. How do you dose it? Normally you’re looking at around 10 milligrams per kilo of body weight. So for example, if someone weighs 70 kilos, you looking at 700 milligrams of magnesium, of elemental magnesium and you probably divide that by two or three and spread it over the course of the day. It’s probably the best way to do it, that those recommendations come courtesy of the great jim lovell who wrote the book, your blood never lies along with a whole slew of books, including cracking the metabolic code, which was also another great one.

And finally the other magnesium that I really like is the topical magnesium. It does come in a few different brands. This one is the one from designs for health. This is topical magnesium. I recommend this one to get in a large dose of magnesium. Some people say it really helps them sleep personally. This one keeps me a lot of energy. So I’ll be taking this before and after a workout because it is the uptake, uh, you know, using it topically is going to be uptaken very, very fast into the body. But you’re gonna want to rub this in. It does have a local effect, but you want to rub it in for maximum absorption into the thinnest areas of your skin. So what are the things? Areas your neck, very thin skin on the area behind your knees in between your elbows know, not great rubbing into your belly for example.

That’s not something that you probably want to do. The absorption will be a bit off the finished areas of the best to rub it in. So behind your knees, neck, again, probably the best areas, but again this one can help recovery. So I’m using this one before and after training to increase how much magnesium I’m taking. So again, most diets these days are deficient in magnesium and we’re just not getting what we used to from food and that’s because you know, industrial farming and food quality these days. So this is where supplements can make up the difference. Hope you found this video helpful. Please subscribe to us on youtube tool. I see you next time on the next video. Train hard, supplement smart and eat well.

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