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Supplements: Do You Need Them?

Supplements are useful if you’re someone wanting to optimise their health. However we’re not talking about protein powders, fat burners or pre-workouts. Learn more in this short video.

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Transcript From Supplements: Do You Need Them? video

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Folks, my name is mark. In this video I’m going to be talking to you about or answering the question. Elise, do you need supplements? Will shoot you take supplements. Well, the first thing is you’re a grown adult. You can do whatever the hell you like. Secondly, we need to also classify what we mean by supplements and I suppose in traditional sense in the fitness realm, supplements has always been, you know, protein powders, fat burning pills, and preworkouts. Now we’re not talking about supplements and most of my fellow colleagues who talk about supplements, we’re not talking about these three items will certainly not talking about protein powders, fat loss pills or preworkouts will usually when we talk about supplements, what we are actually talking about, things like vitamins, minerals, herbs or things that are going to promote a all around and holistic health and things that are going to be correcting, say nutritional deficiencies for example, or giving therapeutic doses of things that are going to help a system of the body further improve or further simulate.

Say for example, digestion or help recovery. Now, in saying that, do we need supplements? Well, my short answer to that, if you’re interested as most people are watching this video, interested in optimal health performance and really going to that next level and challenging the body when the simple answer to that is yes, they’re very nice to have a and the reason for that is because if you are pushing for it or if you’re dealing with a toxic load, which the reality is most people living in this day and age are dealing with the toxic load where we’re being bombarded by things around us. We need a little bit more support and the reason for that, can’t we just get everything from food? Well, the short answer to that I believe personally answer is no. If you’re eating a say your food from say supermarket or let’s say a traditional diet and not eating enough vegetables for example, because that’s really where you’re going to get a lot of the vitamins and minerals from at least.

And if we look at our soil, soil has been continuously degraded and, uh, declined in terms of how much nutrient it has since we basically started farming it. And you can look at charts of what used to be containing food back in here in 1952, what’s containing today, and there’s very strong reasons to believe that there’s a lot less minerals and vitamin content in those foods just simply because of the way we farm it. If you look at NPK, NPK, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, that is the main fertilizer that gets been put back into soil to help, I suppose harvest and give life to what comes out of the ground. But it’s that topsoil that isn’t getting replenished now. It’s a double edge sword. You know, we would love to have, I suppose a more holistic farming model, but to feed an ever growing population, something’s got to give.

But with that saying, you know, it’s something that Elon Musk said in one of his videos, it’s either sustainable energy or it’s not sustainable. Now if you look at farming, because NPK for example, is a drive from fossil fuel that that eventually is not going to be sustainable. So I think there needs to be more of a push for consumer. For example, on, and this is a side tangent to what we’re talking about with supplements, but it’s very pertinent to the point of supplement and that’s why we supplement, so there needs to be more of a push for say organic food. Now with organic food. The food manufacturers and I suppose food processes are very clever in saying, you know, organic food isn’t any more nutritious. That’s not quite the reason why you buy organic food. You buy organic food because you don’t want the pesticides.

So not necessarily a comparison of nutritional value. Though common sense would probably say that organic food will be more nutritious and pesticides are a great problem and people say they siphoned was kind of things will. I know for me personally, I don’t want to be eating foods that have a pesticide laden. I’d much rather have the organic variety. Thank you very much and willing to pay for it. And with consumer demand, the more people who are willing to pay for it brings down the price. So that’s just the law of economics versus supply versus the supply versus demand. So do we need to supplement while? If you’re eating, so quote unquote normal diet or normal ish diet and everything’s maybe not organic, then probably the need to supplement going to be higher than if you’re an athlete, the knee and performance and interested in body composition.

Well then yeah, you’re probably going to need to supplement as well. Some go tos, General Motors when most people are going to be things like multivitamins, vitamin C, magnesium, and I suppose a broad spectrum mineral complex that’s going to hit a lot of basis. They’re the main ones and in terms of say amino acids and that it really depends on you individually as what you need. So for example, some people could do very well using some trip to fan for for example. Some people might not need that at all. Some people need carnitine, so all those other things that are quite dependent upon the individual, but that’s enough for today’s video. Do you need to supplement? Well, again, you’re a grown adult. You can do whatever the hell you like, but if you’re interested in performance, you probably do want to grab yourself. Some supplements you can reach out to [email protected]. Make sure you subscribe to us on Youtube and also join the conversation on soundcloud and itunes. We’ve got a great podcast there. Will be going to these topics much more in depth and have industry on till next time. Supplements, smart train heart and eat well.

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