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You Don’t Need A Better Diet

Welcome back to The Enterprise Fitness Podcast, where we provide you with front-row tickets to the latest insights from our recent Internship course. This week, we’re diving into the intriguing topic, “You Don’t Need a Better Diet,” a concept that’s also the first chapter of my book, “The Enterprise Diet.” In this episode, we’ll explore why the biggest shift towards long-term results isn’t about the diet itself but rather a profound identity transformation.

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The Real Secret: It’s About Your Identity

In the ever-evolving world of fitness and nutrition, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of diets, workout plans, and wellness fads. However, what truly matters isn’t the diet you choose but the shift in your identity. Let’s take a closer look at some popular dieting approaches to understand why identity is the linchpin for success.

1. Paleo Fanatics

Paleo enthusiasts follow a diet that emulates the eating habits of our Paleolithic ancestors. While many people have achieved success with the Paleo diet, countless others have fallen short of their goals. The reason? It often boils down to their identity and commitment to the lifestyle. Successful adherents have fully embraced the identity of a modern-day hunter-gatherer, not just the diet itself.

2. Calorie Counters

Counting calories can be an effective way to manage your weight, but it’s a strategy that often fails because it doesn’t address the underlying identity issue. Many individuals view themselves as calorie-counters for a while, but when the going gets tough, their true identity resurfaces, leading to poor food choices and unhealthy eating habits.

3. Keto Enthusiasts

The ketogenic diet is renowned for its weight loss benefits, but it’s also no stranger to its fair share of “failures.” The key difference between those who thrive on keto and those who don’t is the extent to which they’ve embraced the identity of a fat-burning machine. When the identity shift is genuine, the diet becomes a lifestyle, and success follows.

4. Vegans

Vegans are motivated by ethical and health concerns, but even within this group, there are disparities in success. The identity of being a true vegan, driven by compassion and health-conscious choices, is what separates those who thrive from those who revert to old habits.

The Biggest Loser’s Bitter Lesson

To emphasize the importance of identity, consider the contestants from “The Biggest Loser.” They shed massive amounts of weight during the show but often struggled to maintain their results afterward. The missing piece of the puzzle was the internal program – the identity – that they failed to establish.

In fact, some former contestants went so far as to sue the production company for not providing sufficient support post-transformation. This emphasizes that even the most dramatic physical transformations are incomplete without a corresponding change in one’s internal program, or in other words, their identity.

Introducing the DILTS Model

So, how can you achieve this profound identity shift that can drive lasting change? It’s time to introduce you to the DILTS model, a valuable tool for personal transformation.

DILTS stands for:

**D – **Desire: This is where it all begins. You must truly want to change and be committed to your health and well-being.

I – Identity: Once the desire is strong, you need to adopt a new identity. You must see yourself as a person who embodies the changes you seek.

L – Limiting Beliefs: Identify and confront the beliefs that are holding you back. These might be self-doubt, fear of failure, or a lack of confidence.

T – Timeframe: Set realistic, achievable goals and a timeframe for your transformation. This step helps you break your journey into manageable chunks.

S – Strategies: Finally, you can work on the strategies that align with your new identity. This is where the diet and exercise plans come into play, but they are effective because they’re driven by your transformed identity.

The DILTS model is a holistic approach that ensures all aspects of your transformation are addressed, making it more likely for your new identity to stick.


In this week’s episode, we’ve explored the idea that “You Don’t Need a Better Diet.” The key to sustainable success in your fitness and nutrition journey lies in a profound shift of identity. Without this shift, diets are just temporary fixes, and old habits are bound to resurface.

Take a cue from the experiences of Paleo fanboys, calorie counters, keto lovers, and vegans. Embrace an identity that aligns with your health and wellness goals, and you’ll be amazed at the long-term results you can achieve.

Remember, the journey to a healthier you is available to everyone. It begins with a desire, culminates in a transformed identity, and is supported by the effective use of strategies. So, why not give the DILTS model a try? You’ll find this week’s episode on iTunes, Spotify, and YouTube for a more in-depth look into this fascinating concept.

Thank you for tuning in to The Enterprise Fitness Podcast, and we look forward to helping you transform your identity for lasting success in your wellness journey.

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