Enterprise Fitness Top Male Transformations Of 2019

For anyone struggling to stick to their 2020 goals, here are 12 inspiring Enterprise transformations to keep you motivated!

These transformations are written in no specific order, we wanted to honour those who made a change in their lives with our help and guidance over the past year. Everyone in this list is a winner, and with every transformation being so unique, it’s impossible to score.

12. Drive and Dedication Leads To Epic 12 Week Transformation | Saurav Gupta

disciplined transformation

Saurav Gupta lost 4.9kg and 6% body fat while maintaining his muscle mass! Saurav had the drive and discipline, but lacked the knowledge to transform his physique. With Enterprise’s advice and guidance, he was able to make big changes in just 12 weeks.

Find out more about his transformation here.

11. The Biggest Change Isn’t What He Looks Like | Nathan Ottobre

weight loss jounrey

He was determined to no longer be known as ‘the big guy’. Joining us at the start of 2018 and still training with our Enterprise coaches, Nathan is now one of our long term clients. 

He lost 17kg and is now sitting at 92kg, he’s on a quest to hit 80kg. 

Stay tuned for his transformation update, but for now, check out his before and after photos here.

10. Consistently Losing 1kg Per Week For 3 Months | Thomas Darby

weekly fat loss

In 12 weeks, Thomas lost 13.2kg with smart programming and nutrition. During his transformation, he was still eating 4 meals a day with regular refeeds! 

See Thomas’ transformation here.

9. 12 Weeks Introduction To Bodybuilding With Awesome Results | Arent Todal

aspiring bodybuilder

With the expert guidance of the Enterprise team, Arent lost 4kg and 4.3% body fat in just 12 weeks. Having gained 4kg of lean mass and being pretty lean to start with, this is an impressive transformation.

Check out Arent’s transformation here.

8. $1000 bet leads to a 10 Week Transformation | Lachie Pior

10 week challenge

He made a bet with his friends; whoever made the biggest transformation in 3 months would win $1000. Lachie signed up with us, and within 10 weeks, his physique had dramatically changed. He had only lost 1kg within this time, however with such a big change to 10 weeks ago, he had most definitely packed on some muscle.

Find his photos here and judge for yourself!

7. Leaner and more Muscle in just 7 Weeks | Morgan Coleman


Within 7 weeks, Morgan had lost 4% body fat and gained 3kg of lean mass! With Enterprise’s expert programming, he had kept his same overall weight whilst losing fat and gaining muscle.

Check out Morgan’s transformation here.

6. Under 10% Body Fat in 10 Weeks | David Ottobre

The goal was to get under 10% body fat within 12 weeks, and David managed it in 10! He managed to lose 4.1kg and just over 5% body fat with the help of our team.

Read more on David’s transformation here.

5. 12kg Weight Loss, 8% Fat Reduction And No More Chronic Pain | Deepansh Srivastava

losing weight

When he first came to Enterprise, he had never done weight training and had no nutritional knowledge. In 24 weeks of tailored training and nutrition (tailored to suit his predominantly plant-based diet), Deepansh lost 12kg and his chronic back pain had disappeared!

Check out his before and after photos here.

4. Strategic Programming to Maximise Conditioning at the ICN Worlds | John Furfaro

Melbourne prep coach

John was determined to beat his previous stage package and compete at an international level. With our master programming skills, John’s prep was smooth sailing into his 2019 comps. His food plan even fit in weekly ice cream and pizza!

We’ve written a full detailed report of his training at Enterprise, from his training and nutrition to supplementation. Read more here.

3. Insane 5 Week Physique Transformation | Andrew Folley

5 week transformation

It might have only been 5 weeks, but it was long enough to make a drastic change to Andrew’s physique. He had been working with Enterprise for quite some time, but it was only at this point that Andrew knuckled down into his program. Within just over a month of staying consistent, he lost an outstanding 7.4kg and 7.7% body fat! 

Read about his full transformation here.

2. Switching Priorities from Business to a Healthier Lifestyle | Vince Saldaneri

transformation at any age

Running his own business takes up the majority of his time, but if he wanted to transform his physique and health, he had to switch priorities. 

After sticking to Enterprise’s tailored training and nutrition programs, Vince lost 2kg but gained 3.8kg in lean mass and decreased his body fat by 6.4%!

At his age, this is a phenomenal transformation. Check it out here.

1. The Perfect Photoshoot Prep

photoshoot transformation

Our resident coach Josh prepped for a photoshoot in 20 weeks. Josh lost 5.5% body fat but with a 3.4kg body weight, he had gained 4kg of lean mass within that time. We’ve written up a detailed article on how our trainers get in shape and produced this outstanding result with great photos to show for it!

Read the article here.

We had so many awesome transformations this year. Well done to everyone who worked hard, stayed consistent, and changed their lives for the better. 

Bring on 2020!

Article written by Enterprise Fitness, Melbourne’s Premier Personal Training Studio.

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