Enterprise Fitness Top Female Transformations Of 2019

It’s the start of 2020, and time to kickstart your new goals!

But, wouldn’t it be great to find all your fitspo in one place, to keep you motivated this year?

Lucky for you, we have our Top Female Transformations of 2019 listed below. Check out these amazing ladies who have done our Enterprise Coaches proud!

These transformations are in no particular order, we wanted to honour the great transformations of 2019. Everyone who made this list is a winner and each transformation is so unique that it’s impossible to score.

14. Inside A Competitor | Sam Wells
Inside a competitor

Sam has had quite the transformation. She never took an interest in the gym, until just over 6 years ago, when she became interested in body sculpting, but before coming to Enterprise, she thought lifting heavy weights would transform her into the hulk!

Being coached by our Enterprise trainers with smart training and nutrition has created Sam’s best version of herself. She learnt not to focus on the scale number, and that looking good means eating more! Sam hit the stage and looked phenomenal on the day, taking 3 first places at her first ever competition.

Watch her amazing transformation video here.

13. Cardio Circuit Bunny To Heavy Lifting Beauty | Amelia Vitale

lingerie transformation

She lost over 10% body fat and gained 5kg lean mass for her first ever photoshoot. Coming from a background of dieting on ridiculously low calories and intense cardio training, Amelia was introduced to a refreshing photoshoot prep with Enterprise Fitness, which involved minimal cardio and much more food than before!

Check out her amazing photoshoot shots here.

12. Years of Yo-Yo Dieting to One Transformational year | Michelle Pearse

fat loss transform

Michelle had a tough year personally, but that didn’t stop her working hard in the gym. She lost close to 30kg working with us, and managed to pull 100kg off the floor! 

Being a mum of 6, a doctor, and working alongside her local community church, we’re not sure how she managed it with such a busy schedule! 

Well done, Michelle.

Read more here.

11. First Timer Wins Her First Stage Show | Danae Vincent

newbie competitor

Danae prepped with us for her first ever bikini competition, and won! A PT herself, she held the basic training and nutrition knowledge, but required an expert to get her stage ready.

With Enterprise’s tailored programming, Danae lost over 10kg and 13.3% body fat, and won Sports Model First Timers at the ICN Victoria Champs.

Get a detailed insight into her programming here.

10. Transforming Her Figure In Just 16 Weeks | Felicia Soria

2019 transformation winner

Felicia’s 16 weeks of hard work, consistency and determination paid off; she hit the WBFF stage 7kg lighter and measuring in at just 8.9%! 4 months of sticking to her tailored training and nutrition totally transformed her figure. And guess what? She won our Female 2019 Transformation Of The Year Award!

Find out more about her prep here.

9. Smashing her goal to be the Fit Aunt | Emily Physick

Determined to be the fit and healthy aunt, Emily set herself the goal of getting into shape. With  our team’s expert guidance, she lost 14.25kg!

Check out her full transformation here.

8. Transformation to the Bikini Stage | Samantha Baker

stage transformation

Sammie’s transformation is most definitely an inspiring one! She came to Enterprise looking to compete, but she was very aware that it would require a lot of hard work to get there. Sammie lost just under 20kg and 16.4% body fat, and did a phenomenal job at her first bikini competition.

Check out what she looked like on stage here.

7. Fitness Newbie Fat Loss Transformation | Julia Short

12 week transformation

She had never trained in a gym before, but our Enterprise coaches introduced Julia to weight training with smart programming and plenty of reassurance. Within 12 weeks, she had lost 12kg and 13.6% body fat!

You’ll find her full transformation here.

6. Losing 18kg Whilst Eating More Than 2000 Calories | Erica Moody

weight loss before after

Eat over 2000 calories whilst losing weight? That dieting dream became a reality for Erica, who continued to lose weight while consuming 2300 calories! She lost a total of 18.2kg with Enterprise’s tailored approach and smart programming.

Check out her before and after photos here.

5. Jade’s Journey To Getting Photoshoot-Ready

photoshoot transformation

Jade gave herself 16 weeks prep time to diet for her photoshoots. With Enterprise’s expert guidance and programming, she gradually chipped away at her physique to totally boss her shoots!

She lost 4.8kg and just over 10% body fat altogether.

Find out what she looked like after her prep here.

4. From Yo-Yo Dieter To Losing Weight With More Food Than Ever | Tanya White

weight loss journey

Over 14 weeks, Tanya lost 17.4kg eating more than she had ever before. A long-term yo-yo dieter, Tanya was accustomed to dieting on poverty calories, hence she rebounded every time! From training with us at Enterprise, she learnt that it is possible to get in shape sustainably.

Check out her phenomenal weight loss here.

3. More Recovery and Better Results | 8 Week Transformation

8 week transformation

Notorious for enjoying her training a little too much, Laura’s body shape just wasn’t budging. The Enterprise coaches taught her that moderation is key to looking and feeling good. With that said, reducing her exercise volume led to Laura losing 5% body fat in just 8 weeks! 

Find out what her transformation looked like here.

2. Photoshoot and Competition Prep Transformation | Ira Le

bikini transformation

Going through a divorce and taking care of her daughter, Ira’s competition and photoshoot prep couldn’t have come at a worse time. That being said, she lost 7% body fat and looked phenomenal on stage and in her photoshoot.

See what she looked like at the end of her prep here.

1. From Frustrating Preps to Her Best Conditioning Ever! | Narelle Hanratty



Nell’s transformation was very much a mental and physical one. Having experienced some frustrating preps with previous coaches, she made the big leap to move to Enterprise. Our tailored, smart training and nutrition protocol transformed Nell’s physique as well as her mindset over the past year.

Having never placed before, suddenly she was placing in every competition she took part in, with more improvements every time.

Check out her full story here.

Twelve phenomenal transformations in 2019,  well done to all our female clients for stepping out of their comfort zone and making a change.

Let’s see what 2020 brings us!

Article written by Enterprise Fitness, Melbourne’s Premier Personal Training Studio.

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